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Cop Who Shot Jordan Edwards Sentenced to 15-Years in Prison

by CM 5 months ago in guilty
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The 15-year-old teen was shot in the back of the head by Officer Oliver as rode in a car with his brother and two friends

A police officer responding to a disturbance call became so irate when a teen flipped him off, he shot and killed the young boy.

Jordan Edwards attended a party on the night of April 29, 2017. The 15-year-old teen gathered with other teens at a home in Balch Springs, Texas when nosey neighbors called to report teens acting belligerent, drunk, and out of control. The report stated teens were fighting.

As police pulled up to the home, they noticed a vehicle speeding away from the property. The officers blue-lighted the car in which Edwards rode in the passenger seat. His brother drove the vehicle and two friends sat in the backseat.

Officer Roy Oliver began to scream at the occupants of the car to “STOP” but instead, Edwards gave the officer the middle finger. It is unclear if the occupants of the car heard Oliver yell stop. Oliver then raised his department-issued weapon and opened fire, fatally shooting Edwards in the back of the head.

Oliver Fired & Arrested

In a rare move for justice, Officer Oliver lost his job with the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex Police Department and he was indicted on murder charges on May 5, 2017. It took just over one year but on August 29, 2018, a court found Oliver guilty of murder. He was sentenced to 15-years in prison.

Oliver and his partner responded to the call about 11:00 p.m. About 100 teens gathered at the home to party. Oliver reportedly heard gunshots as they searched the home. Partygoers began to scream and scatter when they heard the shots.

Shots Fired

Officers discontinued the search of the home and headed outside toward the sounds of the gunshots. The car Edwards rode in left the home about the same time. Oliver focused his attention on this car and on nothing else, assuming they fired the shots. An investigation later revealed the gunshots came from a location at least one block away.

Oliver fired three rounds from his Modern Carbine MC5 rifle into the passenger side window of the vehicle. After shooting Edwards, the vehicle stopped. Edwards brother and the two other passengers were detained for 24-hours before they were released without charge.

A further search of the home did not reveal any alcohol, drugs, or weapons. Edwards nor the other teens in the vehicle carried weapons.

Let’s make it abundantly clear that laws concerning “Fleeing Felon” do NOT apply in this case. The fleeing felon law allows officers to use deadly force against an individual suspected of a felony who is a clear flight risk.

Officer and Police Cheif Lie About The Incident

Officer Oliver and his partner told Police Chief Jonathan Haber that there was an “unknown altercation with a vehicle backing down the street toward the officers in an aggressive manner.” Chief Jonathan later viewed bodycam footage of the incident and publicly admitted that the vehicle was not moving toward the officers but away from them. Haber later told media that he “misspoke,” saying, “I was unintentionally incorrect yesterday when I said that the victim’s vehicle was backing down the road.”

Edwards attend Mesquite High School where he played on the football team. Oliver had been with the Balch Springs Police Department for six years at the time of the shooting.

My Thoughts

Should the kids have stopped the car? Of course! Should you die when you’re young, dumb, and still lack critical thinking skills? HELL NO! Let’s not forget everyone heard gunshots and scattered. The kids probably thought they were doing the right thing by getting AWAY from the violence. I don’t think flipping off a cop is considered a crime, since free speech laws protect gestures. I am happy that Oliver paid for his crime but think he deserves far longer than 15-years.


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