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Class Action

Fear, it strangles until it comes back to life.

Class Action
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It was may of 2018. We just left the complex and I was beside myself due to the information that I received. In nine months I would be a father.

We walked down the aisle not too long before it started. I was enamored by the sight before me. She was beautiful. What could I say. This was my day. I sat in the pew and watched as the preacher gave his sermon. My turn would come soon.

“Blessed be he that wears crimson. It’s not only Holy, but it is justified. We live with regret, but it isn’t washed clean by anything that isn’t pure. And that, is our grace.”

Everyone said their amens, and he steps to the side.

After the service I was thirsty, so I went to the local bar. “What’ll ya have?”

“Surprise me.” He went for the hose.

A couple of college students were nearby shooting pool when I noticed that one seemed a little tense. He would glance at me, then look away. I didn’t think anything of it. I just sipped on my vodka and tonic.

The game was on and the Falcons were playing the Steelers. There was no clear winner. Just then the door burst open and a flood of police swarmed into the small diner. I didn’t know what else to do but just sit and watch.

They V-lined towards the pool table and grabbed the young man alongside his friends. Upon removing them he cursed me as a bastard upon passing. I was stunned. Did I know him? I still thought nothing of it. I just sipped my elixir once more. “Crazy day, huh?”

“You have no idea. Some of the people around here just don’t know how to act. We try to tell them that one too many will land you where you don’t want to be. They still don’t get it until it’s too late. You get a round for free, completely on me.” I don’t dispute.

I walk out and hail down a cab. I only had two but I needed to get home and I couldn’t wait. I had business to take care of and I just wanted to leave this scene behind me. The day was still young and I was feeling focussed. Nature was my element today and boy was it a mother. I still feel regret. But today, it’s all behind me.

I step out onto my lawn, tip the driver and head towards the door. On the front doorstep was a package. Funny, I don’t remember ordering anything. Just as I go to pick it up, my neighbor stops me. “Jeffery!” I look over. Ms. Thompson was in the garden planting gardenias. “Please come assist me if you will.” I don’t dispute.

I make my way over to her yard when all of a sudden I hear an explosion. It was at my front door step. I’m nearly knocked off of my feet when I look back to see the front door completely blown in. I just gape. “Get inside!” She follows my orders. I make a round to the back of my house to see what may be. It’s still there. And that’s important. I jump over the back fence and sprint all the way down to the local corner store. I’m covering my tracks to the best of my ability. Who knew that it had started..

Upon arrival I’m greeted by a black van. The doors immediately slide open. I don’t hesitate to getting in. It is an order, and I must. “Is everything in place?”

“Your ticket is prepared and you’ll be arriving by 1300. Your hotel is secure and you’ll have a bar for your convenience.”

“It’s imperative that you get this to her.” I pull out an envelope. “She needs to see this as soon as possible.”

They extract it from my hand and I remove myself from the vehicle. I go inside. “You know the drill.” He hands me a set of keys. I go to the back, hop in a Jeep and make my way to the airport. Who knew that it’d be today out of all days? Disaster strikes at any second and if you’re not prepared then you’ll never know exactly how things will turn out next. Fortunately for me I had enough of my potion and smelled enough flowers to have cushioned the blow. The neighborhood will definitely change and I’m not around to see it. But one thing is for sure, if there is a god, then may he have mercy on our souls.

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