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Child Abuse Viral Videos Lead to Arrests of Parents

by Crime 2 months ago in guilty

Parents posted child abuse videos to social media

Dumb criminals make police work a little bit easier and probably saves many people's lives. The two cases here tell the stories of women who beat their children and then posted the videos to social media, ultimately leading to their arrests. Sadly, one woman received a sentence of probation, but hopefully, she now sees the error in her ways and no longer hurts the child.

Child Abuse Viral Video Leads to Arrest

Tamil Nadu Police arrested 23-year-old Thulasi Vadivazhagan after a video showing her beating her 18-month-old toddler went viral on social media. Police arrested the woman after the father of the child filed a complaint. Social media users expressed outrage over the video that shows the woman hit the child with her fists as it bleeds from the mouth and nose.

An investigation revealed more than 250 different videos depicting the woman beating the toddler as well as a second child. The woman looked directly at the camera each time she beat the children. Police suspected that she set up the camera to record the acts herself.

The father of the children told police he and Thulasi split about one month before the August 2021 incident. He stated that he drove them to her mother’s home at that time. He theorized that a difficult pregnancy and childbirth contributed to feelings of bitterness toward the 18-month-old. Police stated that Thulasi was involved with another man which caused problems between her and her husband.

The children are now in the care of their father. Thulasi has been charged with voluntarily causing hurt, assault with intent to dishonor a person, and culpable homicide under the Indian Penal Codes.

Doreen Dyer Machete Case

Doreen Dyer became a viral sensation in 2018 after a video showing her beating her child with a machete wearing nothing but her panties went viral. In the video, Dyer repeatedly screams how tired of her children she has become as she wails the machete at the child, her breasts exposed. The video also shows the woman smacking a passing dog with the machete.

The woman did not receive any jail time for the incident that left the child with serious injuries. Instead, the St. Thomas, Virgin Islands woman received a sentence of three years probation. The judge also ordered Dyer to complete anger management and parental counseling classes.

As with any material that goes viral, the video sparked serious reactions as well as callous remarks and a grandeur of memes. Some people defended the woman, stating that it was merely a form of “discipline” necessary to raise children into meaningful adults.

My Thoughts

I disagree with the latter. I have never respected anyone who beat or belittled me nor does this teach children anything more than “I’ll take my anger and frustrations out on you.” I do support a good old-fashioned spanking, but parents no longer understand how or where to draw the line. This is how kids “accidentally” die at the hand of a parent...after suffering this type of abuse for years until their little bodies and underdeveloped minds can't take any more. Yet, people still give abuse the green light...until a child dies. Or, their adult child is abusing their spouse or kids, can't hold a job, drinks and uses drugs all the time and acts violently and aggressively all of the time, but they can't seem to put a finger on the reason why. Make this make sense. Can we stop normalizing “beating their asses?” TIA.



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