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Cardi B Should Be in Court

by Madison Rheam 3 years ago in investigation
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Hold her accountable for her actions.

If you follow mainstream news then you probably already know the big controversy that’s happening with Cardi B right now. For those of you that don't know what's going on with Cardi B, then I'll give you a short run down of what's really happening. A video that Cardi B claims were made about three years ago just now resurfaced on Twitter this past weekend. The video is of Cardi B referring to the times she used to work as a stripper saying, "I'd drug men up and I'd rob them." Cardi B confirmed the authenticity of the video and her apology was, "I made the choices I did at the time because I had very limited options."

That wasn't an apology, Cardi B, just saying. That's you trying to explain the terrible things you've done in your past by saying you basically had no other option but to drug men and take their money. Maybe you should've picked up some extra shifts stripping. Cardi B later says, "I have a past that I can't change, we all do."

Yes, Cardi, we all have pasts most of us are ashamed of, but these pasts usually include ex-boyfriends we wish we didn't have or stuff we did in high school, not drugging men and robbing them. The full video audio is as follows... some has been changed because she is too vulgar for even me to say.

"Men must have forgotten the shit that I did to survive. Like, I had to go strip. I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to sleep with me? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go to this hotel,’ and I’d drug men up, and I’d rob them. That’s what I used to do! Nothing was handed to me. Nothing."

Nothing was handed to her? Yes, Cardi, you're correct. Nothing was handed to you. You had to strip for your money and then when that wasn't enough, you decided to take men’s money. You're absolutely correct, the money was never handed to you, you took it.

I quit liking Cardi B after I realized how disgusting of a person she was a while ago, but this really pushed me past my limits. Especially for people to actually be defending her and being on her side saying, "She did what she had to do." No, she didn't. If you need money that bad go get another part-time job like the rest of us.

Many are comparing her to Bill Cosby and I couldn't agree more. There is an image that shows the similarities between the two yet one is diminished and one is praised. If Bill Cosby was put on trial because of his actions, then Cardi B should be too.

The sad part is that Cardi B sold herself as a hustler whenever she first began her career. This means that this video stunt will probably not knock her down at all but fans will continue to raise her up. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

I've gone through my Apple Music and deleted every Cardi B song I had and every song she appeared in. I suggest anyone who agrees with me that she's in the wrong should do the same. She definitely doesn't deserve our support. Imagine if it were the other way around. If Cardi B were a male, who drugged and robbed women to finance his career, do you think people would still be praising him? No. As many of you know I am a feminist, but feminism is about supporting both sexes. This is an act against males and many don't realize the abuse men can undergo. As a feminist, I believe that Cardi B should serve time in federal prison for her acts in the past. She should be taken to court and held accountable for her actions years ago.


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Madison Rheam

HACC graduate with Associates Degree in Social Sciences, LGBTQ+, raging liberal, feminist.

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