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Baby Dies After Mom Gets Into Fight & Drops Him

by CM 4 months ago in guilty · updated 4 months ago

The baby was 3-months-old

Karen Lashun Harrison walked out of a beauty supply store in Moultrie, Georgia, in July 2019, holding her 3-month-old son in her arms. Harrison spotted Terra Shanquelle Brown standing by a vehicle and confronted the woman.

As she held the infant in one arm, Harrison threw a punch at Brown, who retaliated by hitting Harrison with the bag of goods she held in her hand.

This throws Harrison off balance. As she falls backward from the bag, she drops the infant onto the hard concrete ground. Harrison regained her balance and continued fighting for several minutes after dropping the infant. Horrified bystanders rushed to pick up the baby. Soon, a man got in between the two women to break up the fight. Harrison attacks the man, slapping and punching him in the face. That man was the father of the infant and Terra Brown was his new girlfriend.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage taken from the beauty supply store. After attacking the two people, Harrison grabbed the infant from the bystander and drove home.

Harrison Takes Infant to Hospital the Next Day

The following day, Harrison took the infant to an emergency room. She lied to doctors about the cause of the injuries, stating the infant had fallen the day prior while in the care of a relative. Carneata Clark backed up this story at the hospital.

Sadly, the infant died from injuries at the hospital a short time later. Doctors stated the baby could have survived the injuries if Harrison had sought medical treatment as soon as the incident occurred.

Women Arrested

Both women now face charges in the infant’s death and a third woman, Carneata Clark, has been charged with making false statements to police. A Grand Jury indicted all three women in July 2021. They all currently await trial.

Police charged Harrison with felony murder, second-degree cruelty to children, and affray. Brown was charged with second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children, and affray. Clark was charged with making false statements and writings and obstruction of an officer for her involvement in the case.

"We investigated the incident and determined the baby did not receive his injuries as it was reported. It was reported to us that the baby had fallen from the caregiver's arms and received the injuries," said Lt. Freddie Williams, with the Moultrie Police Department. "Then we got information that there was a fight."

"This is very disturbing, that two adults would fight in a public place," said Lt. Williams. "Especially while holding a three-month-old child in her arms."

Marshae Jones Shooting Incident

Marshae Jones was charged with manslaughter in July 2019 after she instigated a fight that led to her getting shot. Jones was five months pregnant at the time. She miscarried the baby.

Police say Jones learned that her baby’s father was dating a new woman, Ebony Jemison, leading to the altercation in the Dollar Store parking lot. Jemison retrieved a legally owned handgun and shot Jones in the stomach.

Police determined that Jemison acted in self-defense when she shot Jones and declined to press charges against the woman.

Charges against Jones were later dropped.

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