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Atlanta Police Officer Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Lyft Driver

Incident Raises Concerns Over Police Conduct and Ride-Sharing Safety

By Sarah DanielPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Incident Overview

In a tragic incident that has shaken the community, a former Atlanta police officer, Koby Minor, was arrested for the fatal shooting of Lyft driver Reginald Folks. According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Minor claimed he believed Folks was kidnapping him when he shot him. The Union City Police Department arrested Minor on Wednesday, and he subsequently resigned from the Atlanta Police Department the same day. Minor faces charges of murder and aggravated assault​.

Details of the Incident

The affidavit details Minor's account, stating that he believed Folks, who was speaking in an unknown language via Bluetooth, was planning to kidnap him. Minor reported feeling paranoid and asked Folks to stop the car. When Folks allegedly did not comply, Minor attempted to unlock the door at a red light but failed. Minor then claimed Folks reached toward the back seat, prompting Minor to fire approximately three shots, killing Folks instantly​.

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Aftermath and Investigation

The incident occurred on Stonewall Tell Road in Union City. A passerby noticed Minor waving for help and called the police. Minor was found by Union City officers and taken into custody. Following the shooting, Minor resigned from the Atlanta Police Department, where he had been employed since 2018. At the time of his arrest, Minor was on unpaid administrative leave due to a previous arrest in December 2023 in Milton, Georgia​.

Reactions and Statements

Lyft expressed condolences to the family of Reginald Folks, emphasizing their commitment to assisting law enforcement in the investigation. The company has permanently banned Minor’s account from its platform. The Union City Police Department continues to investigate the case, seeking to understand the full context and circumstances surrounding the shooting​.

Legal Proceedings

Minor is currently being held in Fulton County Jail. It remains unclear whether he has obtained legal representation. The case has drawn significant media attention, highlighting issues related to police conduct and the safety of ride-share drivers. The Atlanta Police Department and other local authorities are cooperating to ensure a thorough investigation​.

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Community Impact

This incident has sparked discussions about the safety protocols for ride-share services and the mental health support for law enforcement officers. The fatal shooting of Reginald Folks, a Lyft driver simply performing his job, underscores the need for improved safety measures and accountability within the police force and the ride-sharing industry​.


Who was involved in the shooting incident?

The incident involved former Atlanta police officer Koby Minor and Lyft driver Reginald Folks, who was fatally shot.

What charges is Koby Minor facing?

Minor faces charges of murder and aggravated assault for the fatal shooting of Reginald Folks​.

Why did Koby Minor claim he shot the Lyft driver?

Minor claimed he believed the driver was kidnapping him, as per his statement in the arrest warrant affidavit​.

When and where did the shooting occur?

The shooting occurred on Stonewall Tell Road in Union City, with police discovering the incident on a Wednesday​.

What was the reaction from Lyft?

Lyft expressed condolences to Folks’ family, offered support, and permanently banned Minor's account from its platform​.

What action did Koby Minor take after the incident?

After the incident, Minor resigned from the Atlanta Police Department the same day he was arrested​.

Was Koby Minor involved in any previous incidents?

Yes, Minor was previously arrested in Milton, Georgia, in December 2023, leading to unpaid administrative leave​.

What is the current status of Koby Minor?

Koby Minor is currently being held in Fulton County Jail as the investigation continues​.

How did the police get alerted to the situation?

A passerby noticed Minor waving for help on the side of the road and called the police​.

What has the community's reaction been?

The incident has raised concerns about police conduct and ride-share driver safety, with ongoing discussions about necessary reforms​.


The tragic event involving Koby Minor and Reginald Folks is a stark reminder of the complex and often dangerous interactions that can occur in everyday situations. As the investigation proceeds, the community and the nation will be watching closely to see how justice is served and what measures will be implemented to prevent such incidents in the future.

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