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Angela Simpson Dismembers, Burns "Snitch"

Simpson said her only regret was not killing more people

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Will you kill again?”

“If the opportunities arise, I hope so,” Simpson answered.

Phoenix resident Angela Simpson will never see the outside of a prison ever again. Considering Simpson seems a bit cray-cray, I think we can all sleep a little better at night knowing this information.

I might make that statement quite often since I write crime stories all day, but I really mean it this time. If you don’t believe me, watch cray-cray, I mean Simson, during this 2012 interview:

Told ya.

What’s most scary about Simpson, besides the words she speaks, is how matter-of-fact and honest she is. Her calm, casual demeanor makes her even scarier in my opinion. She REALLY does not give a fuck. Not one. Other people pretend they don’t care.

Most criminals lie and blame others or seem to be angry and misguided, but not Simpson. She is honest and forthcoming and says what she means and means what she says.

In April 2012, Judge Paul McMurdie sentenced Simpson to natural life in prison plus 14 years for the murder of Terry Neely, a disabled man confined to a wheelchair. The additional 14 years were given to Simpson for convictions of abandonment of a body and kidnapping.

The Crime

Simpson lured Neely to her home with the promise of sex and drugs. Once inside the home, Simpson tortured the man over three days during which time she pulled the man’s teeth out of his mouth and drove a nail into his head.

She did all of this whilst Neely was seated in front of a mirror so he could see what she was doing to him.

On the final day of the ordeal, Simpson strangled and stabbed the man more than 50 times before dismembering his body and setting his remains on fire.

Neely’s autopsy results revealed that he sustained multiple blunt-force head injuries and that he had a three-inch nail hammered into his brain. He had 50 stab wounds and his throat was slashed. His body was then dismembered.

Neely’s body was found burnt in a trash can in August 2009. Simpson was arrested two weeks later.

Why Did Angela Simpson Torutrue & Murder Terry Neely?

Simpson's reason for the brutal murder? She believed Neely was a snitch.

During a prison interview after her sentencing, Simpson was asked if she had any regrets. She replied that she only regretted that she did not make the torture last longer. Her answer, when asked if she was remorseful, was “Not at all. Why would I be?”

During the interview, Simpson said that Neely bragged to her about the number of people whom he’d put in jail by “snitching.” She further stated that she does not want her children to live in a world with snitches. Simpson also added that she thinks all pedophiles should be killed.

Simpson previously told reporters that Neely was not her first victim. She retracted that statement in her second interview. However, Simpson did say that she wished she had killed more people before she was caught.

Simpson Today

Since her arrest, Simpson has reportedly converted to Islam and somehow, found a person willing to marry her. She still remains behind bars.

Other Famous Arizona Killers

Some of the most famous murderers are from Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area.

One of the most notable names is Jodi Arias.

As you may remember, Jodi Arias brutally stabbed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. Jodi claimed that Travis was abusive to her, among other allegations, but the jury did not buy it and sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Other notable Arizona killers include:

  • Jason Derek Brown
  • The Baseline Killer Mark Goudeau
  • Robert Fischer

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