An Extraordinary Aircraft Safety Threat Compromising Some 500 Boeing Planes

The Threat Not Removed Due To FAA Failure of Oversight

The matter concerns a verified Chinese criminal counterfeiter supplying safety critical machined Boeing parts to Moog Aircraft Group, compromising some 500 Boeing planes.

The criminal counterfeiting was covered up by Moog and not dealt with so far.

FAA investigation is reaching 2 violations out of 9. The two violations were abusively minimized by FAA failure of oversight. Other more serious violations are willfully neglected.

Current press coverage has not exposed the most serious violations.

DOT OIG is looking into the failure of FAA oversight since 26/20/2017, a significant step forward after repeated appeals and the press breaking the story.

My name is Charles (Chaosheng) Shi, a Chinese Notional, I was formerly employed by the Aircraft Group of Moog Inc. as East Asia Supply Chain Manager between 2006/09-2016/01. Since January 13th, 2016, I acted as a whistle blower to the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) on an extraordinarily significant aircraft safety matter. The aircraft safety threat matter I brought to Moog internally back on the 7th of August, 2015 and FAA on the 13th of January, 2016, concerns a verified Chinese Moog-approved OEM supplier who falsified material certification and used massive substitute material for aerospace customers B/E Aerospace and Moog. Moog defrauded Boeing, investors, the flying public, as well as FAA in willfully leaking confidential whistleblowing to the very internal suspect, misrepresenting the material facts, endorsement of criminal activity of tampering and destroying evidences, committing perjury and forgery during FAA investigations, making the matter probably the biggest scam in the history of aviation industry.

FAA investigators violated FAA's own protocol, not contacting law enforcement agencies to investigate such a crime, resulting in grave failure of oversight and an abusive investigation result.

Moog Aircraft Group supply chain management has fundamental defects in terms of material counterfeiting or Suspected Unapproved Parts. Honeywell sued Moog for supplying bogus engine parts in 2014.

Here is the breaking story, expert view and background.

Current press releases, though bravely exposing the fraud, did not touch on the criminal counterfeiting of the safety critical Single Point of Failure (SPOF) blocking for B737 spoiler, compromising some 500 Boeing 737 planes now in service.

I have prepared a six part podcast (seven video clips) at YouTube—folder Charles Shi FAA whistleblower—presenting documented evidence that can help viewers better understand the extraordinariness and gravity of the matter. The 6 part video links are below:

1. Part 1: An extraordinary air safety threat- brief and self intro.

2. Part 2: NHJ verified record of counterfeiting vs FAA failure of oversight.

3. Part 3: NHJ counterfeiting SPOF for B737 spoiler.

4. Part 4-1: Case One Boeing misleading message to airlines, press.

5. Part 4-2: Case Two Boeing misleading message to airlines, press.

6. Part 5: Moog fraudulent practice in admitting NHJ as an approved supplier.

7. Part 6: Moog criminal act of leaking Charles Shi whistleblowing information to suspect endorsing tampering and destroying evidences.

Boeing and FAA relied on tombstone mentality, refused so far to request Moog Aircraft Group recall all counterfeit safety parts, rendering flying public a play of Russian Roulette each time flying a compromised Boeing plane.

Although it is bringing extreme risks to my own life, the purpose of public disclosure of the matter is to draw the outcry of the flying public on the great risks of flying compromised Boeing planes. The goal is to have FAA pass on all related information to law enforcement agencies and conduct criminal investigation on such an extraordinary aircraft safety threat, remove all counterfeit safety parts from Boeing planes ASAP, making Boeing planes truly safe to fly.

More advocacy in safeguarding public safety is appealed. Please contact me at [email protected] or Twitter for more information.

Charles Shi
Charles Shi
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Charles Shi

Charles Shi. formerly employed by the Aircraft Group of Moog Inc. as East Asia Supply Chain Manager,a whistleblower of the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) on an extraordinary Boeing plane safety threat.

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