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An Assaulter's Affair

A Twisted Sister Short Story

By Frieda LopezPublished 2 years ago 15 min read


Human Psychology has shown that everyone is mapped differently based on the things we experience in life. In many cases, those who experience trauma in life are the ones that end up suffering the most. In many cases, people avoid idealism, as people live in denial to prevent the things that replay in their heads, suppressing the nightmares that haunt them of these internalized events. But we aren't talking about the traumas that you are thinking about. As trauma out of our control are what I am referring to as car crashes and accidents, people experience common trauma that keeps people in subtle fear. However, in a situation where trauma is an ongoing occurrence starting in childhood. Where those who prey on the vulnerable to cope with the internalized fears of feeling powerless. Inducing trauma to those around them and preying on the weaker.

Many of these predators prey on the less vulnerable. They use manipulation tactics to keep their prey in line, forever trapping them in a toxic and dangerous situation. Where many of those victims with consistent onset trauma never get out. As the ultimate reason is that they become confused about what is reality and what isn't. Many of these trauma cases blame themselves for the things that they cannot control, feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, and finally getting the courage to get the help they need to get out. The business of those who judge them prevents them from getting the help that they truly need to get out. Where in that final attempt, all hope is lost. And the faith in humanity is eliminated.

In many cases, this is how a predator develops, wherein their ability to feel inferior to their traumas early on childhood, which is why this circle should be stopped. But it doesn't work in many cases unless the victim has a witness. Wherewith, a master manipulator will end up taking away all the allies these victims could have had. The stereotype of a typical victim becomes more victimized and, in the worst-case scenario, loses their life as justice is never served. But what happens when a victim breaks their chains in this sense of hopelessness? Which is something you never hear about now, do you?

As not all people are programmed the same, some will prey on those most vulnerable, causing others to feel pain. But how about a selfless individual, who in the big picture scenario they begin to see the behavioral pattern that occurs in these predators. In the state of strategic planning and a will to get justice back, they end up going dark and rouge. Where in the presence of a failed judicial system in a world of systematics. The prey becomes the predator with a motive for one thing. A vendetta for blood and revenge from those who have taken the life they once knew. Where fear turns into rage, and love turns into a lust for blood. The only way out is to kill. Depending on how far they are from the ledge, brutally and cruelly. Where an eye for an eye is now a taste of the predator's predator, where good is no longer an option, leans on, embrace the art of sadistic murder.

"What the fuck," Antonio said as he erected up from the nightmare that haunted him for days. He looked for the glass of water that he had on his nightstand and took a hard and loud gulp. He spits it out in a violent rage. "Damn, how long has this water been sitting here," as he attempted to recall the last time he filled his water glass after days of binge drinking.

He looked at his phone as he saw a message from the fifth girl that accused him of involuntarily raping her that read, "YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" in from a girl he met at a frat party named Jessica.

He deleted the message and put it down as he said to himself, "Stupid psycho bitch," which followed a worried look on his face.

"No, I didn't rape these women. They are overreacting," he reassured himself as he took another gulp of water to attempt to remove the hangover he had from another night of binge drinking. As the storm began to get more vigorous and more violent. He earned his toned naked body up and began to gather some clothes. As he began to put his pants up facing the dorm room, he resided alone in a flash of lighting hit as he swore, he saw a body standing in the window.

"Who's there? He said." As he got up to investigate the window where no one was standing at.

"I am tripping. He said," as he began to put up his sweatpants slowly as he began to replay the most recent rape allegations he was involved in. He started playing the nightmare he had of the five women he raped, seeking revenge in the most horrible way.

"No, they wanted it he said. If they didn't, why would they binge drink with me, thinking that nothing wouldn't happen? And why where they dressed like sluts if they didn't want anything to happen," he reassured himself.

"Stop! Stop!" the voice of Jessica played in his head as he began to recall that night. Recognizing that, he began to rip off her clothes as she said that.

"No, she wanted it," he said. As his face began grew worried.

"I mean, why would she flirt with me if she didn't," he said to himself.

"I'm new to campus and just want to grow my circle of friends," the voice of Jessica said in his head.

"Get out of my head," he said.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted you," Jessica's voice said as he recalled how he held her down to penetrate her.

"No, it was just foreplay," he reassured himself.

"All the girls warned me about this. What did put in my drink," Jessica's voice continued.

"Something to relax you," he began to speak back. He looked in fright for a bit, which was distracted by the email tone he got from his as a clash of lighting and thunder made his quick look at the window and then the lights that flickered off with the sound of thunder.

"Oh fuck, another outage. Goddamn it. My dad pays a ton of money for my private room, and the school can't even get a decent generator?" He looked at the message that came from his father's private law firm.

"Let's see when my court date is so I can get rid of this guilt of this bullshit rape case!" he said as he unlocked the phone to open the email.

The email read:

Dear Mr. Antonio Baker,

As there has not been any proof to prove that the rape allegations are accurate, we are pleased to inform you that your charges have been dismissed as there was no sign of alleged date rape drug made in the accusation.

He put the phone down as he said, "Because it was a higher dose of stimulant she already was taking for anxiety," he said smugly. "That's why it isn't rape," he said.

"But you know it was rape," Jessica's voice said again.

"No, it wasn't you lying bitch," he said as he got up with his chest puffed out.

"But you know it was Antonio," Jessica's voice said.

He swung as he stumbled to the floor as he said, "No, it wasn't," in a slurred tone. He tried to get up again as he struggled to the ground. "I must have drunk more than I expected, he said," as he comfortably lay on the floor on his back.

"I am just hungover. Or maybe it's just another nightmare I am having. He closed his eyes as he began to hear the thunder begin to role. "I'll be fine. It's just a hangover."

"It's not a hangover," he heard in the near distance.

"Who's there," Antonio said as he opened his eye in blurred vision. As the lighting and thunderstruck, he saw the figure standing over his limp body.

"It's not a hangover, you cocky, entitled motherfucker," Jessica said as she was crouched over his body.

"Get away from me, you crazy bitch," he said as he attempted to get up feeling limp. He looked at both arms, trying to move as the fear began to overcome him. "Help," he tried to scream as he forced a whisper.

Knelt by his lifeless body, she flashed a grim and wicked smile as he breathed the scent of the tranquilizer. She spiked the water cup she noticed during the attack. She leaned to his ear as she said, "You hadn't seen crazy yet," moving up so he could get one last look before he passed out.

"Why can't I move," Antonio said in a whispered panic.

"Horse tranquilizer will do that to you. Or did you forget I was a Veterinarian Major," she replied in a sadistic and evil chuckle. "Now go to sleep," she said as she put the cloth over his face as he slowly blacked out.


Antonio woke up by the bright light and the clattering of metal hitting metal as he began to say, "Where am I?" Groaning from the pain he had in his head. He attempted to get up but remained lifeless. "Where the fuck am I?" he yelled. "Help," he screamed as a voice echoed in the background.

"No one is going to hear you, Antonio," Jessica said coldly.

"Let me go, you crazy bitch," he said.

"You know Antonio," she said in a pause. "Going to these rape support group brought some things to light," she said as she began to polish the surgical tools she had laid out on the steel surgical table that stood six feet away from the limp Antonio."

"Let me go, Jessica. I swear to you I will kill you myself if you don't let me go," he began to cry in fear as he began to hear the sound of a power tool. "Stop Jessica, please," he pleaded in fear.

"I also realize that your name comes up a lot in this support group," she said as she began to move the surgical tray over.

"It was a misunderstanding," Antonio began to cry out as he heard the clanking of her boots nearing closer.

"Downers that most of the girls take, huh?" Jessica said in coldness.

"I just wanted to make you more relaxed," Antonio rebuttal in a plea.

"Another consistency in these stories is that we all ask for it," she said as she began to fill the syringes with a numbing agent.

As Antonio began to hear glass hit a nearby table, he saw in the corner of his eye, seeing Jessica begin to get closer. He said, "I was an asshole. I am sorry. You want money. I will get your money," he said, crying in fear.

She began to work her way slowly as she learned in her Psychology class, which triggers tremendous fear. She said, "Fifteen girls. Four of those girls committing suicide due to additional shame you inflicted, having the entire school slut-shame these girls," Jessica said more sadistically.

"Jessica, I didn't mean this to happen," Antonio said, beginning to sound petrified.

As she reached over, she began to start the drill as she heard Antonio scream for help.

"Jessica, I'm sorry, Babe. I just like you a lot," Antonio pleaded.

She stepped over, looking at his petrified face as she said, "Oh, you like me, baby?"

He began to sniffle to calm himself down as he said, "I just don't know how to talk to girls," he reassured her.

She looked at him with a sorrowful face as he began to speak.

"Look, all is forgiven if you just let me go. I want to make you my girl," he said, trying to infiltrate her attack. "We can be exclusive and be a regular thing. If you let me go, all will be forgiven. Okay," he said in a comforting voice.

Jessica looked at Antonio and smiled as she said, "There's nothing more than I would want," she paused as she saw Antonio's face light up with hope. "Is penetrate you to hear you say, STOP!" she said as she grinned.

"Help me!" he yelled as Jessica attached an adult novelty to the drill.

"Jessica, please. I am sorry." Antonio said as he attempted to lift himself as she saw her pick up the syringe.

Jessica turned as she shanks the syringe in his thorax as she said, "And nothing more than to see that face you gave all the other girls you raped and got away with and me," she said as she covered his screaming mouth.

He looked up at her with petrified eyes as she let go of his mouth to hear no sound come out. His eyes began to attempt to yell, "Stop."

"Oh, you want me to stop, baby," Jessica said in an empathetic tone.

He was now having no feeling in his neck attempted to nod.

"Is that a nod, baby? Blink once for yes and two for no," she said in empathy.

Antonio blinked once.

Jessica leaned into Antonio's ear as she said, "Why didn't you stop? Antonio began to see her pick up the ax. His eyes watered for the last time.

"Excuse me, ma'am," the police officer said as he came into the support group.

"Yes, officer," Counselor Lorenzo said as she stood up to greet the police at the door.

"I would like to ask the group a few questions if that is okay," Officer White asked politely.

"What is this concerning," Counselor Lorenzo said in the group's defense.

"It's about Antonio," Officer White said.

"Get him away from me, get him away," Jessica said as she began to get triggered by the sound of her attacker's name.

"Ma’am, I like to ask you a few questions," Officer White said.

"No, he's going to attack Getaway and me," she said as she darted to the window.

"Officer White, please get out of my support group," Counselor Lorenzo demanded as she ran toward the group that was attempting to keep her from jumping out the window.

"You crazy bitch get over here," Officer White said as he attempted to dart towards her as he hit the floor with a sweep kick from Counselor Lorenzo.

", Ma'am this is considered assault of law enforcement agent," he said as he picked himself up. "You're lucky I didn't shoot for that," he said, threatening.

Counselor Lorenzo pointed to the recording camera in the corner of the room as she said, "For what Officer White. You accused my girl of being crazy when she is trying to recover from a vicious rape that Antonio acted upon, getting my girls, all these girls no justice for the actions the entitlement his money gives him," she affirmed. "I can press charges on you for a whole list of things," she said firmly.

"Well, everyone's a suspect since his family is attempting to press charges against the school," Officer White rebutted.

"Well, there shouldn't be a cause for that now, is there. I have fifteen girls in here all traumatized from his entitled ass of getting away with rape," she scolded.

"Can I at least show them the pictures to see the reaction," he demanded.

"Fine, but if it's too much for my girls, you need to walk away. You are recorded, remember," she affirmed.

"Fine," he said as he walked towards the group.

"Do any of you girls know anything about this," he said as he showed them the picture.

Jessica screamed as she attempted to jump out the window, saying, "They are going to come after me," as she flung at the police officer's hand, revealing to the group the picture.

The picture showed Antonio hogtied with a foreign object shoved up his rectum in the cafeteria table near the wall that said "rapist and the picture of a total of six women and the dates they committed suicide. On the wall spelled in the blood, it said, "An eye for an eye." "

Jessica looked down at the picture as she said, "Counselor willy is going to get me," she said as she began to cry.

"It's, okay sweetheart. No one's going to get you. If you, ask me he had what's coming to him," she said as she held Jessica close. "Officer White, have you done the proper protocol and dusted for prints," Counselor Lorenzo demanded.

"Yes, but," he said as Counselor Lorenzo interrupted.

"What did you find," Counselor Lorenzo demanded.

"Noth.." Officer White attempted to say.

"Well, I suggest you leave then," Counselor Lorenzo demanded as he let go of Jessica. "I'll be back, okay, Hun. You're okay, I promise," Counselor Lorenzo reassured.

"Okay, Ms. Lorenzo," Jessica said as she saw Patricia pick up the picture and walked back to the group.

Patricia walked back to the group and showed the picture to the group. "We finally got justice," she said with a sigh.

Jessica looked at the group and then grinned at the picture as she said, "Yes, we all finally got justice."


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Frieda Lopez

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. She is a blogger and runs her own site at

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