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A 70-year-old male gynecologist in the United States has donated sperm privately for decades, and the female patient gave birth to 94 children for him?

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In Indianapolis, the United States, there is a star male doctor in obstetrics and gynecology specializing in infertility, Donald Klein, with a high reputation, almost all infertile couples nearby will find this male doctor for help, from 1979 to 1986 In 2008, a couple within a radius of forty miles gave birth to 94 newborns, but this was not a simple "artificial insemination". All the "sperm" injected into the body of these female patients came from this 70-year-old woman. The male doctor, the news caused a sensation throughout the United States.

Then, what is the purpose of this male doctor in obstetrics and gynecology, Donald Klein, and why did he do things that corrupt ethics and morality, but he has no intention of repenting? In 1981, a young woman named Ritz White came to visit Donald Klein's clinic, hoping that he could help her with "artificial insemination". There has been no movement.

At that time, Dr. Donald Klein was over 70 years old. With a kind-hearted look, he welcomed the White couple very warmly. He also gave very detailed answers to their questions. Dr. Klein also solemnly emphasized the matter. The source of "sperm" is definitely provided by young doctors or medical students. Because this system was not perfect at that time, and there was no large sperm bank, only the information about conception was learned from the attending doctor, and no one knew how to operate behind the scenes.

It's just that Klein is a star doctor who treats infertility in obstetrics and gynecology. The White and his wife trust him very much, and they soon signed an artificial insemination agreement, waiting for their baby to come. Afterwards, White received five months of treatment and fifteen artificial inseminations at Klein's clinic before and after, and finally became pregnant with a child.

No one knows what method Dr. Klein used to make female patients get pregnant quickly, and many families still come to see the doctor in an endless stream. It was not until one day after 30 years that the truth slowly surfaced. Broken the three views of female patients.

Obstetrics scandal revealed

In Indianapolis, United States, a 33-year-old woman, Jakeba Ballard, was looking for her half-siblings. Because she knew from a young age that she was not a child born to her parents, but was born through artificial insemination by her mother. Because in the big family, only I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and the brothers and sisters around me are all black eyes and black hair.

So she has always longed to meet her biological father, but this wish has not been realized, because as early as when she was in her twenties, Ballard called the doctor who operated on her mother, Klein, but Klein It means that all information is destroyed, and the donor's information is private, he can't disclose too much, but the hospital also has regulations, the sperm of the same donor will not be used more than three times.

But Ballard still didn't give up. She firmly believed that in a rapidly developing technological society, there must be some way for her to find her siblings. This is what happened in 2014. At that time, the United States launched a very popular DNA test product. People only need to buy the product online, and then send their saliva samples back, so that they can get a genetic test report, and at the same time, they will also have the same blood relationship from big data. We can also refer to this kind of data as "family tree".

Excited Ballard has been waiting for the result report, but who would dare to think that when she got the genetic test data, the whole person was stunned. What this report brought her was not a surprise, but a series of shocks. Ladd continues to investigate, one by one, the terrible obstetrics and gynecology scandal will be announced to the world. Ballard found that he was related to seven people, but these were only people who had undergone genetic testing, but Dr. Klein said that "the sperm used for artificial insemination should not exceed three people at most." So someone must be lying here, and has been hiding a terrible secret.

Because people who are related to Ballard by blood all live within a radius of forty miles. If you don't thoroughly investigate the whole story of this matter, then the people who fall in love, get married and have children in the future may be their own siblings. Without ethics, the children born will be unhealthy. So Ballard found his brothers and sisters and decided to join forces to find the truth of the matter. It turned out that they were all born because their parents were infertile and accepted artificial insemination. The important point is that their parents' attending doctors are all Klein. Doctor, in order to get "fresh and live sperm" more quickly and conveniently, has the obstetrics and gynecology department always let the same person provide the required number of sperm indefinitely?

In order to accurately find everyone's common biological father, Ballard began to cross-match in the DNA gene pool. The result showed that there was a woman named Sylvia, who was his common relative. When several people came to Sylvia's house, they made an even more surprising discovery. Their biological father was none other than "Donald Klein" with the title of star doctor and Sylvia's younger brother.

The mothers of these children did not know that before Dr. Klein performed artificial insemination on them, he would go to another room by himself, take out a fresh sample, and then inject it into the female patient's body with a long needle. The seemingly simple manipulation hides a dirty secret behind it. One of the women who had been treated by Dr. Klein burst into tears after hearing the truth. She couldn't bear such a disgusting thing to happen to her. She had injected back and forth fifteen times that year, and felt that she had been violated by Klein for ten times. Five times, but I have been kept in the dark for more than ten years.

As the matter continued to be exposed, more people who had been to the Klein clinic learned the truth, so they also did a DNA test, and more and more people were blood related to Klein. According to statistics, there were at least a lot of them. In 94 families, they gave birth to children related to Klein. It also shows that Dr. Klein has been illegally using his own sperm to provide treatment to female patients for 10 years.

But at first, Klein kept his mouth shut in the face of the scandal at his clinic. Ballard thought he might be related to the "quiver organization", an extremely abnormal organization that often told people who joined them that they must do more Breed Caucasians, they are warriors sent by God to earth to complete their mission. If any of us have the ability to have more children, this can also get God's attention. At the same time, Klein also placed a small item in the clinic with the words "I shaped you in your mother's womb, and I knew you before you were born." This is exactly what the Quiver Organization often says. In a word. It is very likely that Klein was brainwashed by the words inside to do such an unconscionable thing.

Afterwards, the public opinion became more and more intense, and Klein had to come forward to respond to the matter, but he still did not admit his mistake. Instead, in the face of a large number of accusations and questions, he still maintained his own set of rhetoric. If you want to get a live sample, you need to get it within an hour, but it is difficult to coordinate the timing of the conception and the sperm donor. As a doctor, I should help them solve their troubles.

Although Klein admitted to using his own sperm, he was always hesitant about the reason, but people disagreed with his statement, because among the couples who came to the hospital for help, there were many cases where the husband was sterile Obstacles, why didn't Black directly use the samples of the female patients' husbands?

That's not the most intolerable thing yet, Blake's sperm was simply substandard, and he had digestive and intestinal disorders in his medical history, along with blood clotting and immunodeficiency disorders. These are not found in female patients, so when their children have the same symptoms, it means that they have inherited Klein's genes.

Therefore, the victimized women all hope that the law can give them justice, but this time it backfired. Klein has always been extremely arrogant, trying to use another angle to glorify the scandal to explain his unethical practices to the judge, claiming that he was in 24 When he was 12 years old, he accidentally killed a four-year-old girl. Since then, he has had faith. In order to gain peace of mind, he opened a clinic to help more families conceive children.

Although Prosecutor Delaney did not deny Klein's shameful actions, from a legal point of view, this is not a violation of women, and the law does not clearly state that doctors are prohibited from using their own samples to provide artificial insemination to patients. Therefore, for cases like Klein, there is no clear legal charge.

Therefore, it is difficult to draw a conclusion on this case of assault dispute. It can only be said that Klein did not admit the truth of the matter at first, and provided false testimony to the judicial adviser. He can be charged with the crime of obstructing judicial investigation, but the remaining charges are very Difficult to set up. Klein was subsequently suspended from his medical license in 2017, fined $500 and given a one-year suspended sentence.

In fact, Klein is not the only one such demon doctor, but they also do not admit their crimes, and they beautify their actions time and time again, but the families who suffer from it have not given up fighting for their own power. No one has come forward for this "obstetrics scandal", and more women will be victimized after that.

Finally, in 2018, Indiana in the United States clarified that fertility fraud is also a crime, but Klein has already been sentenced, so he can no longer be charged.

Although these families who have suffered a lot have won more power for the public, allowing them to have a safe guarantee for their medical life in the future. But the family hurt by Klein may take a lifetime to forget.


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