2 Men

An excerpt from an original fiction novel 'Lorinda Murell'

2 Men

Murell was modern, tranquil, polite, and honest. She told me she wasn’t crying because she ‘shouldn’t have done it,’ she cried because she felt free after their deaths. I found this a bit alarming and amusing, similar to Chopin’s short piece, "The Story of an Hour." Tears of joy and signs of reliefs from horrific actions. Chazron never happened to come back after his lunch, word in the office was he had a family emergency. Shortly after, a voice came booming from the front desk.

"Where is my sister?!" screamed a young lady, to the station receptionist.

I was in my cubicle, doing usual paperwork. Lorinda was sitting on the bench in the hallway waiting to be processed. Once she heard this voice she was startled and started trembling. ‘Tonya is here. God give me the strength.’

"That’s my sister. She’s a bit expl—" Lorinda timidly explains.


“She’s a bit explosive.”

“Well you know we have to go back and talk about the last two victims.” I tell her.

“Detective I—”

“Call me Kaley.”

“Detective Kaley, can I come back tomorrow?”

I knew she had to go in order for her sister to calm down. She was still causing havoc and needed to be escorted out before she had to be processed to. So I had to let her go and handle family matters.

When Lorinda came back the next day, she asked if her sister could come too. I asked why, and she explained that her sister had no idea that all this happened. I agreed and granted access for both of them to be taken to the back for the remainder of questioning.

“I never thought she had it in her,” said her sister, to me.

We stood outside of the interrogation room, where Lorinda was sitting in. Tonya was staring through the two-way mirror. She was disappointed and shocked at the most.

“You know the Tupac line, "I’m not a killer but don’t push me"? Ha! So applicable right now. My little sis is a strategic killer… How much time do you think they’re going to make her serve?”

I stood there staring at Tonya, they all both have a similar luster to them. I’m pretty sure I sense it because I’m aware they are siblings now. Sooner than I expected, Chazron pops in to join us.

“Sorry, I had to leave so soon Switz. My daughter had to go to the hospital last night, fell down at recess and broke her little finger.”

“Aww, that’s sad to hear, Chaz. Hope she feels better. Allow me to introduce you to Lorinda’s older sister, Tonya Murell.” The two exchange handshakes and their “nice to meet you’s.”

“How’s your little sister holding up?” asked Chazron.

“She cried all night in hopes of not getting a huge sentence. But I had to be honest with her and say that I don’t know,” replied Tonya.

Tonya had a stout figure, she was two inches taller than Lorinda, and her voice had just as much depth.

“Well let’s wrap this up, shall we?” insists the egotistical in-Chaz-tigator.

Tonya and I watch him as he walks in. Chazron comes off as a prideful individual. But what do you expect from a man who focuses on his cases more than his family?

“Hello again, Ms. Murell,” says Chazron.

“Hi, Detective.”

Chazron chuckles, “Hi? Such a short greeting.”

I can see the look of disgust on Lorinda’s face. I believe it's a universal facial expression that us women share. I swear men can be so invasive with their flirting and it is cringeworthy to watch.

Her sister whispers next to me, “Stay calm baby, stay calm.” She follows her whispering with, “I don’t know what she dislikes more; her feelings being ignored or when people keep flirting with her and she’s not interested.” Tonya and I laugh.

Chazron begins, “So these last two men you poisoned... Can you tell me about Darnel Joseph?”

“Yes, I can. Darnel was someone I met after having a crush on Lenero, but he came in my life before Jordan and Jamal.” Lorinda explained.

“So let me get the timeline straight... First, it’s crushing on Lenero Chasity, you guys stop communicating. Then you meet Darnel Joesph?”

“Yes, Detective Chazron. I met him while going on a Christian retreat to North Carolina, I was 16. I was very active in church growing up.” Detective Chazron nods his head, to signal his active listening.

It’s always a dilemma of a good girl going bad, due to the events of life. However, her innocent glow was still present.

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