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What impact did coffee have on my exam day?

by Ali Akbar 4 months ago in School
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The personal experience of consequences of drinking coffee before an exam.

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As many of us enjoy drinking coffee at least once a day, and many coffee lovers take it multiple times a day for various reasons such as feeling tired, bored, or having a headache,

I am also one of those coffee lovers who take it multiple times a day for various reasons such as feeling tired, bored, or having a headache, and when a friend came to me, we had coffee together while having the conversation,

but I never imagined that drinking coffee would become the most embarrassing situation for me. In this article, I will discuss how drinking coffee before an exam affected my exam day, and how my exam day turned out to be the worst it could have been because I had a coffee a few minutes before my exam to stay fresh and focused, and I had no idea what was going to happen to me during the exam.

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So, the incidents I'm about to tell occurred during a school general physics exam last Monday. That Monday, I awoke feeling good about myself since I had been an excellent student and had actually studied. I was going to be really early for my exam, so I stopped by Starbucks to buy some coffee to help me focus, utterly oblivious to the nightmare that would ensue: by the time I got to class, I had completely drunk the obnoxiously enormous cup.

I entered the classroom, sat in a row of seats with people on all sides of me, and started my exam. I felt the most dreadful gut-wrenching feeling after easily breezing through the first half of my exam. I stiffened up, and it vanished just as I had planned. Relieved,

I eagerly moved on to the word problems portion, but halfway through figuring out how much aspirin tiny Johnny can take before he dies, my bowls erupted in a shriek comparable to the tortured souls of the deepest pits of hell. I clenched my butt cheeks with all the effort I could summon until the impending shit eruption came to a halt.

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I cautiously looked up to check if anyone had spotted me succeeding, shaking violently, and now sweating profusely from agonizing pain, only to have everyone in the room watching at me. I looked down at my half-finished exam, embarrassed and scared, and said every foul thing I could think of in my thoughts.

I would have to endure another 40 minutes of this because if you go to the bathroom during an exam you have to turn in your exam. I immediately sped through the exam and every 5 minutes my bowls never failed to let out a sound each louder and more horrible than the last.

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After 35 minutes of rushing through the exam I carefully made baby steps towards the professor careful not to set off the bomb in my lower gut. I handed in my exam and the professor gave me a reassuring nod. Relieved, I picked up my pace and headed towards the door.

Upon opening the door, I had awoken the sleeping beast inside my anus and it released a roar so load and mighty that it probably broke the sound barrier. This was no ordinary fart, as it was the most putrid, eye burning fart you can imagine mixed with a bit of shit .

I then clenched my butt cheeks and waddled away from the seen of the crime with scrans of sheer terror coming from the now oxygen starved room behind me. It was one of the most embarrassing day my life And the outcome of that paper was so unexpected that I never thought about it again, and it took my classmates several days to forget about it.


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