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"What did I just do!?"

Flustering moments shared by local people.

By Rebecca Lynn IveyPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

We've all had at least one of those moments in our lives that made us just want to melt away and vanish. Those embarrassing moments when we ask ourselves "What did I just do!?"

Here are some of those flustering moments shared by local people right here in Jellico.

"The secret of a happy life is to feel at ease with your own embarrassment.”

In perhaps one of the saddest upsets ever, a couple decided to get out of the house and go grab something to eat. The boyfriend decided to take her to the Pizza Spot for dinner, after all, it's her favorite place in town to eat. Suddenly their song started playing on the radio. She made the comment "Oh, that's our song! The one that was playing on the night we met!" He noticed that her eyes were getting misty with emotion so he thought that it would be super romantic if he asked her to dance. As he stood up he noticed that his shoe was untied so bent over to fix it before asking her if she'd like to dance.

It came as no surprise to the girl when her boyfriend of 3 years bent over to one knee while their special song was playing and all of the people standing right behind them witnessing this spectacle. She jumped up and began crying "I do! I will marry you!" To her dismay, he just had to tie his shoelaces and definitely had no plans to propose that evening. It must have been so awkward throughout the rest of their dinner.

A man and his wife were at the Indian Mountain Park walking one evening. The park was crowded and there were several events going on that day. They had already been offered free hotdogs and drinks but had decided to finish their walk before indulging in some free food.

They were about to leave when they heard someone say "Anyone who wants an ice cream come and get it!" They followed several other people and waited patiently as she handed out the cones. They noticed that some children were giving them odd looks and whispering amongst themselves. When it was their turn the lady looked at them puzzled. "Um, who are you?" Come to find out they had unknowingly walked into a family reunion and this ice cream wasn't for the general public.

One afternoon a man stopped at the grocery store before going home. He didn't even notice that he had parked right beside a car that looked almost exactly like his. After a few minutes in the store, he went out and hopped into (his) car. His first thought was "it feels different".

The other man walked out of the store and climbed into the car next to him. They both looked at each other, at the same time when they noticed that they had both gotten into the wrong cars. Both men clearly humiliated and too proud to admit their mistakes quietly exchanged vehicles and went on their way.

While shopping at Walmart one day a lady noticed a really cute pair of shoes. They were sitting on top of a shoebox in the floor. She decided to try them on.

They fit just right and she was walking around the aisle trying them out. Suddenly another lady came up behind her looking absolutely horrified and demanded that she give her shoes back.

The other lady had been trying on a new pair of shoes herself and those were the ones that she had pulled off and left sitting on top of the box.

One day a lady received a phone call, not even looking at the caller ID she answered it. "Hi grandma!" They continued to have a nice conversation and she explained to her "granddaughter" that she had just left the doctor's office. "What's wrong?" they worriedly asked.

Grandma went into detail about her embarrassing exam. Eventually, as the conversation progressed they realized that they weren't related and the girl had accidentally dialed the wrong number.

This man had just got himself a new job. He was told that a lot of people from the same area carpooled and they asked him if he was interested in joining them. Of course, he happily accepted the invitation. They told him that they'd pick him up the next morning and to be waiting.

He was standing on the sidewalk waiting when a strange car pulled up to the curb and stopped. Thinking that this was his ride, he opened the door and got inside. A little old lady looked at him surprised and nervous. She said, "Where are we going?" The man assumed that she was a new worker as well. He was aware that several new people had been hired along with him.

He gave her directions and they eventually made their way to the workplace. As he got out of the car she was driving away. His carpool pulled up and that's when it became painfully clear that he had just carjacked a ride with an old lady that didn't even work there.

A father and daughter decided to sign up for swimming lessons being offered at Cumberland College. They both knew how to swim fairly well but knew that the classes would make them better swimmers.

They had just finished swimming laps when the girl noticed her dad was floating along taking a break. Thinking that it would be funny she came up behind him and placed her hands on his bald head pulling him down under the water.

When they came back up to the surface she noticed her dad was standing on the edge of the pool looking down at her with a look of complete shock on his face. She had just dunked a complete stranger.

It was a hot day and a mother was sitting in the car with her 5-year old son. She had the windows down allowing a nice breeze to blow through. A person of restricted growth came walking by and the little boy began pointing and saying "look mama!"

Trying to distract the child she reached over and turned the radio on. She knew that a Disney soundtrack for children was in the player. She was mortified when the Snow White song came blasting over the speakers.

"hi ho hi ho, when your feeling low you positively

can't go wrong with a hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho"

A lady went to Mcdonalds one morning and ordered a coffee and muffin. While talking to someone she noticed the muffin sitting on the counter in front of her. She began eating it while still waiting for her coffee.

The girl behind the counter kindly handed a small coffee and a muffin to her with a polite smile. "Oh no, I already ate my muffin." she pointed out.

"Ummm no, this is your muffin, the one sitting there was someone's dirty tray that they had brought to the counter and left."

It was April Fools Day and a lady (30 years old) and her mother were out shopping. While in the restroom she thought that it would be funny to pull a little prank on her mom.

She slipped into the stall (next to her mom) and began tossing pennies over. She giggled to herself as she heard the coins bouncing around and the sound of someone scuffling around.

She was waiting with a big smile on her face as the person exited the stall. It wasn't her mom.

While standing in line at the grocery store check-out a man walked up behind his wife. He pinched her on the butt, laughed and hugged her.

As the woman turned around he saw that his wife was actually standing in front of that lady.

Accept your actions and let it go with a laugh. When you are comfortable in your own shoes and confident enough to laugh at yourself, there is nothing in the world that can make you feel down. Smart trick, eh!


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