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How I Went From Feeling Unloved and Unwanted, To Feeling Ver Loved and Cherished

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
I Am Everywhere

This Was Going To Be A Poem

This is a poem about addressing a dark issue in me. I really don’t rate myself because for a lot of my life people just assume that everything is perfect for me, resulting in sometimes people actually attacking me and making me a scapegoat for failures by others. I have always come through these things, although it is hard work. I know that I am not the only one in that situation

In Vocal Facebook Groups

In the Vocal Groups, I will often post things and there will be no reaction to my posts even though all the other posts around mine have three or four likes. The implication I was taking was that people are not interested in me. That was certainly nowhere near the truth.

An Analysis of The Situation

What I think the reality is, is that because I am so often on, people are just used to me being around. So because I am ubiquitous there is no need to interact with me. The other thing is there is so much on Facebook, and with the “relevant” post situation mine might just not be seen. Maybe Facebook and Vocal both see me as an irrelevance.

I Am Admired, Cherished, And Loved

The reality is, and members of Vocal Social Society Admins and More have really pointed out to me how generally impressive my work is, how much I am loved, and how I would be incredibly missed if I were to drop out of these groups.

How could I possibly say no or not feel loved after that?

Moving Forward In Great Ways

Really, I am changing day by day in a positive way encouraged and loved by my Vocal Facebook friends.

This was just going to be a poem but it’s now a lot more than that, I am writing this for all our Vocal Friends who may feel the same way that I felt, unwanted and unloved. These groups are incredibly supportive and though my first port of call is always the Vocal Social Society, the other groups are brilliant as well.

I am in an amazingly good place, though I still sometimes feel I don’t do enough, to interact with and encourage others. I see people have posted things that I have missed and feel guilty that I have not read, liked, or passed constructive criticism on pieces by my Vocal friends.

I do get slightly jealous when I see all my friends getting Top Stories on Vocal and congratulating each other, but as I keep saying, the personal feedback I get is incredible and I would not swap it for a Top Story. Just because I am virtually invisible to Vocal I am anything but to my friends and family on the Facebook Vocal groups. Also, I love it when my friends are successful and my success just comes in other ways.

So Where is That Poem?

I Am Ubiquitous

I Am Always Round Here

Enjoying The Read

My Friends’ Tales And Great Words


I Have Felt So Away

Invisible To Friends

I See Through New Eyes Now

This Is A Brand New Day


Positive In My Mind

Hope And Love In My Heart

Wonder Every Step

Arm In Arm With My Friends

Loving This Perfect Time

Stepping Out Feeling Fine

Should We Finish With A Fleetwood Mac Song?

One of my absolute favourites is “Everywhere” and given the title of this story maybe that is what we should go with.


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  • Russell Ormsby 2 years ago

    Hey Mike, nice one dude. I think you voiced what a lot of us have thought about ourselves at times. You made some good points. Even veteran story tellers still like a bit of encouragement as much as the new writers do every so often. Take care buddy.

  • Gerald Holmes2 years ago

    Well done Mike.

  • Fyi... I subscribe and read new subscription at least once a week. I will heart, don't always comment 😊

  • Phil The Animal2 years ago

    Some interesting insights

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