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The Rules

by Donna K. 2 months ago in Humanity / Bad habits
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Living with Anxiety...

The Rules
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Disclaimer: This may be triggering. If reading about coping mechanisms and ways of surviving mental illness bothers you, then this is not your cup of tea...

PS... also, I would like to point out that I am perfectly aware some of the coping mechanisms are not very healthy and could be considered harmful. This is based on my experience with anxiety, mainly... food poisoning phobias. This is not what I would suggest at all to follow if you suffer from anxiety or other mental health trials. Contact a Professional for treatment of Anxiety, Depression and even Eating Disorders.

The Rules of Living With Anxiety...

As a person who in the past has had severe anxiety issues and multiple "Rules" of living life as best as I could, I decided to write this post on the kind of Rules of Living I had... One that I had not put on the list, mainly because it was more of a statement than any way around anxiety: If someone coughs or says they got sick today, running away from them is perfectly valid...This was a sad rule that more than once caused issues. This list is a reminder that sometimes if someone acts rude or in a weird way, they may just be coping with life the best they can.

  • Rule #1 Always have peppermints on hand. You never know when your throat will tighten and close up on you. You'll feel like something was swallowed wrong, whether it's a word, a statement, or a sound. Sometimes, it's an ethereal feeling in the air. Keep Peppermints.
  • Rule #2 Nails have to be dull. If you start to feel choked and like you need to get whatever is stuck in your throat out right this second, having blunt nails will save your skin from being shredded from the sensation. And from needing to wear bandages on your neck constantly.
  • Rule #3 Preventative measure for future anxiety is a must. A Medicine bag in your purse to be safe is valid and can help prevent my stomach hurts. Is it the flu or period or food poisoning etc. overthinking stomach hurt take some medicine. On the plus, if someone else asks if anyone has any local, you can tell me and make a friend over preventive med packing...
  • Rule #4 If you have food anxiety stating you are in starvation mode is perfectly valid, especially if the thought of eating anything more substantial than crackers makes your palms start to sweat. Your heart feels like you are being stabbed in the chest and a pry bar taken to your ribs to have your heart taken out forcibly then shoved in your throat only for it to be healed and happen over and over again for all time. Otherwise, if your anxiety takes the form of not eating anything you don't cook or is not prepackaged and processed. Casually state when asked if you want a burger or something to eat. "Sorry, I don't eat meat...." Not saying you don't eat meat that you didn't cook and don't know where it came from... or if it's veggies or some other food that causes anxiety in you. State the truthful if not misleading " I am in a fast at the moment. Sorry"
  • Rule #5 Sometimes, anxiety happens even with your best efforts to prevent it from occurring. When it does, It's going to feel like hell and like you are dying. You may very well make yourself sick from the anxiety. Afterward' breathe and tell yourself, "I love you so much. I am so proud of you for getting thru that trial. You are so strong."
  • Rule #6 Never give up. This battle you call life can only be one by living the best you can be every day, laughing, crying, and loving life. Be proud that you survive. The day you give up trying is when you lost the battle, not the war. As long as your heart beats, you are winning that war.
  • Rule #7 If all fails and you feel like medicine is necessary for quality of life, then taking medication is a weapon you should wield with accuracy.

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