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The Political Landscape of Nigeria

A Struggle for Change in Nigeria

By Harrison N.EPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Title: The Political Landscape of Nigeria: A Struggle for Change in Nigeria


Corruption and wickedness have plagued the political landscape of Nigeria for far too long, leaving its citizens disillusioned and suffering the consequences of failed governance. However, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerges as the winds of change begin to blow. This journal aims to explore the belief that change will come to Nigeria, driven by the exceptional youth who are determined to build a new and better Nigeria. It calls for renewed energy, accountability, and a relentless pursuit of the Nigeria of our dreams.

The Era of Wicked Politicians:

For years, Nigeria has been plagued by corrupt and wicked politicians who prioritize personal gain over the well-being of the nation. They exploit their positions of power, embezzling funds meant for development and manipulating the system to suit their own interests. This era has left a lasting impact on Nigerian society, breeding mistrust and perpetuating a cycle of poverty, inequality, and underdevelopment.

The Youth as Catalysts for Change:

Despite the gloomy state of affairs, there is a flicker of hope in the form of the exceptional Nigerian youth. The youth are the backbone of any nation's progress, and in Nigeria, they have shown incredible commitment, courage, and determination to bring about change. They possess a deep love for their country and a burning desire to transform it into the Nigeria of their dreams.

The Struggle for Change:

The struggle for change in Nigeria is not easy. It requires the concerted efforts of the youth and all well-meaning Nigerians who yearn for a better future. It is a battle that demands resilience, unity, and unwavering dedication. The youth must hold the feet of corrupt politicians to the fire, making them accountable for their actions and demanding that they fulfill their promises.

Exposing Lies and Holding Accountable

One of the crucial steps in the fight against corruption and wickedness is to expose the lies and deceit propagated by politicians. The youth must be vigilant and discerning, unearthing the truth behind the false promises and empty rhetoric. By shedding light on their devious actions, the youth can galvanize public support and demand justice.

Building a New Nigeria:

Building a new and better Nigeria is not an overnight endeavor. It requires the collective efforts of all citizens, regardless of age or background. The youth must take up the mantle of leadership, but they also need the support and guidance of the older generation. It is through collaboration, mentorship, and intergenerational cooperation that a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria can emerge.

Challenges and the Way Forward:

The struggle for change in Nigeria is not without its challenges. The existing political establishment, with its vested interests, will resist any attempt at transformation. The youth must brace themselves for obstacles, backlash, and discouragement. However, they must remain resolute, for their determination and resilience will ultimately overcome the barriers.

To move forward, youth must actively engage in the political process. They must participate in elections, advocate for transparency and accountability, and support candidates who align with their vision for a new Nigeria. Furthermore, they should leverage technology and social media to amplify their voices, create awareness, and mobilize fellow citizens.


In conclusion, the era of corrupt and wicked politicians in Nigeria can come to an end. The exceptional youth of Nigeria, with their unwavering commitment and determination, hold the key to transforming the nation. By remaining vigilant, holding politicians accountable, and actively participating in the political process, the youth can pave the way for a new and better Nigeria. It is a challenging journey, but through unity and collective action, the dream of a prosperous and just Nigeria can be realized.


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