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The Pandemic Was…A Double-Edged Sword

by Roselyn Violet 4 months ago in Humanity

Pandemic Reflections—How did I go through this?

The Pandemic Was…A Double-Edged Sword
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2020 had started great for me- I was energetic, optimistic, and bright. I had plans, goals, and hope. In January, I made the best friends I could ever make. I had everything I wanted. Everything was going great until a small virus came and ruined my year plans. Everything changed — Something happened that I had never experienced before. It was a PANDEMIC—The COVID-19 Pandemic.

2020 had started great for me. Everything was great (in fact, perfect), and everyone was celebrating and festive. I made the best friends I ever could, and I excelled in many fields. I even won a scholarship.

I presumed that 2020 would be the best year for me (poor me). I was hopeful, ambitious, determined, and goal-oriented.

I remember reading a report named Wuhan’s Coronavirus (a bigger epidemic — Asian Hate). There were a few cases in India, and nobody cared much. I remember telling my friends about the Coronavirus, and they were getting annoyed by me telling them some precautional tips. “You take everything too seriously. You need a chill-pill, Rose.” were their exact words.

“You take everything too seriously. You need a chill-pill, Rose.”

I guess that if they (and all the global citizens) would have taken the small virus seriously, then it would not have been so widespread. Well, many people ‘ignored’ the virus (or I’d say they were irresponsible).

Things started getting worse from the first week of March. The cases began to increase, Masks and Sanitizer became compulsory, and people restrained going to crowded places. Everyone (including me) expected the virus to vanish away in a few weeks. But, things were not being in control; They were only intensifying.

On 24th March, The Government ordered a national lockdown for 21 days to prevent further transmission of the disease. It was not a full lockdown, but it was difficult for everyone (includes me). Everything was closed, except for the local markets and essential-items shops.

We had to adapt to a new environment. Our home became everything to us- It was our workplace, school, entertainment place, place of worship, garden, restaurant, cinema hall, and everything you want it to be.

My home became my world, due to COVID-19.

Working from home and Online Classes was challenging for everyone, but gradually we started learning technology and adapting to the remote environment. Although I avoid Social Media, It was a boon during the Pandemic. It has emerged as a powerful communication tool. Thanks to Zoom, Twitter, PayPal, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to mention a few.

I remember going to the shop to buy some groceries. It was strange being on empty streets with no pollution, noise, and people (especially if you live in a dense, populated country like India, it is really strange not to meet people). The people had masks on their faces, but I could see them unhappy with the scenario. It was of course, difficult.

“Every black cloud has a silver lining.”

The lockdown brought families closer than it ever did. I connected and reconnected with my relatives and friends. I had never imagined that I would be stuck inside for so long with my loved ones. Sitting together and eating food, Dinner table conversations, doing household chores together, watching TV shows together, and playing board games are some of the things I did with my family.

We spent 21 days with our family, waiting for the situation to get better and live our life normally again. But something unfortunate happened, once more. The government extended the lockdown for the next 19 days. Geez!

Things were getting frustrating, and my plans were getting ruined. I was disappointed. It is the 106th day of the year, and I have done nothing! Traveling was one of my new year resolutions, and I could not go anywhere (Even to a garden or a cafeteria).

I could not do anything, even if I wanted to. I decided to do something fun and be a little bit productive. I spent my 19 days reading a bunch of books and subscribed to many blogging sites. I spent time with my family, binge-watched some TV shows, and attended some educational Zoom Webinars.

The lockdown is had again extended for 14 days. I am done! Cases were rising, Deaths were rising, Sadness was rising, Frustration was rising, and Happiness was decreasing. I realised that I have to be better and more productive, regardless of the situations.

A Bitter Truth is A Truth, Complaining Never Helps.

I just cannot sit like that, depressed. I did some Microsoft courses, A designing course, and attended some educational webinars. These 14 days were productive (kind of) — I got some certificates and of course, learned a lot of new things.

As expected, The lockdown had extended again. I stayed at home but went for evening walks in the park to breathe in the fresh air.

As previously, I did some courses about technology and designing and did fun + productive things. Things had drastically changed, but I had adapted to them.

I learned how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I have not made a Guinness record, but I can solve it within 1.35 minutes. And that’s perfectly alright to me.

I expected Phase-5 of the lockdown (I got used to it), but thankfully there was an UNLOCK. The situation has been better than it was. People are better and happier. We can go out to cinemas, temples, cafes, malls, restaurants, but with all the necessary precautions (A mask, sanitizer, and social distancing). Thank Goodness!

I can describe the COVID-19 Pandemic as “a double-edged sword”. It had both positive and negative results. Of course, There was a lot of bad stuff--Deaths, Sorrow, Frustration, and Depression. But the Pandemic taught us a lot of lessons and made me a better person. The Pandemic taught me to be self-dependent. It taught me to handle the situation irrespective of the hindrances. It made me a better version of myself.


Thank You!

Stay Safe!


Roselyn Violet

Hey there, I'm Roselyn Violet. My penname means "violet beautiful roses." You can contact me on LinkedIn @roselynviolet. And I'm currently writing a poetry book.

Here I am: I had a voice, Vocal made it strong.

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