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The Incident that Made me Embarrassed

by Ali Akbar 4 months ago in Embarrassment
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The personal experience.

photo by Christian Erfurt on usplash

This article based on a personal incident that happened to me.

The story begins 5 years ago when I was a 10th standard student and I usually preferred to go to school by car whereas all of my friends and other students who belongs to different areas were coming to school by school bus and some of them were coming with their parents who left them at the school gate but I was among some kids who were fond of driving a car and get enjoyed by driving after back from school.

photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

So, one day I was returning to home after school while driving the car and suddenly I had a tragic accident and my car hit the green belt and rolled thrice before hitting an electric pole (that saved me going into oncoming traffic)

I was badly damaged, fractured and my 4 metacarpal bones were broken while my eyelid was literally hanging on and after sometime a group of people gathered and they came to me, called a rescue 1122 service. At that time a courier delivery van stopped for help and that they took me into their vehicle towards a nearest hospital named as United Christians Hospital and I reached there so the medical staff brought a stretcher but I was a cocky kid and I told them that I could walk.

Now the funny and embarrassing scene of the story starts:

As I was badly injured, fractured and it was bleeding from my body so the medical staff advised me to stay laid down on the bed and after a moment the two pretty girls who were medical students and doing their house jobs at that hospital came towards the emergency ward where I was admitted and one of them had a bandage no her hand so I was initially pretending to be brave and trying to get up from the bed but the nursing staff forced me to stay laid on the bed.

So, then the girls had their attention towards me and I was be like a macho kid in bloody school uniform, badly injured, fractured and above all bones are broken and eyelid hanging full of machismo. And due to their attention, I was feeling happy like I did something that made me proud but the moment when I knew that my paint was unzipped and opened because of the accident and the scratches that torn my paint outside my all braveness and machismo downed.

I was become so embarrassed because I was a shy and because of that shyness I felt embarrassment. I can imagine that i would make you laugh but it was such a most embarrassing moment that I never ever forgotten in my life. So now you can imagine the level of my embarrassment that I was completely trying to hide that but I couldn’t and after sometime the started to treat me without any shyness and then slowly and gradually my embarrassing and shyness gone down and I become normally after sometime and it take few hours to get well and after discharging i again meet with those pretty doctors they congrats me for getting well. now it’s been whole 5 years of that incident of my accident and I ranked it as the most embarrassing episode of my life.

I would like to thanked all of you for reading this story that was based on a true incident that happened to me and I hoped that somehow you enjoyed it while laughing over the scene of embarrassment that I felt at the hospital. And there are many memorable incidents and scenes in our life especially in childhood that are unforgettable


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