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Remember when

by Hanna 9 months ago in Dating
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Do you remember?

Remember when we had our first kiss in your Acura back in 2014 when you were dropping me off at home?

I’ve had practice at that and other things since then.

Remember when you were driving your dads boat?

I was so beyond nervous, because I wanted to sit on your lap. I was still trying to figure out if I was your girlfriend or not, because you never officially said anything and I didn’t want to assume.

Remember when you convinced me to jump in the lake after you?

Besides still thinking there was a possibility of a gator being there, with you, I felt safe. You’ve always been so handsome and manly.

Remember when that same night you asked me to stay, because you didn’t want to drive me home?

I wanted to stay and wake up with you at your dads after spending all that time being yours.

Remember when you were trying to get me to back up and I think I hit something?

I was still new at the driving thing, it’s why I loved it so much when you drove. I always wondered if that was partly why you didn’t want to hangout with me anymore.

Remember when you called me to come spend time with you at your school?

I wanted to, but if we ended up alone at your dorm there were other things I had in mind. In my heart, I felt safer skipping out on those opportunities.

Remember when I told you I loved you?

Internally I did, but I was waiting for you.

Remember when you shared your personal life with me?

I felt like I was part of it. You trusted me and it meant everything to me.

Remember when we used to wander at shopping plazas and there was one time you took me shopping with you?

I can’t describe how much I enjoyed doing that together.

Remember when you took me to your best friends house, because you had to make a quick stop?

I wanted to have kissed you then.

Remember when you’d take me home almost everyday and when you couldn’t I noticed you weren’t happy saying no to me?

My favorite was always looking at you as you drove and thinking, I wish he was my boyfriend.

Remember when you told me you were going to spend the weekend with some friends at key west?

I wanted to go so badly, I pictured you were going to have so much fun without me.

Remember when we’d attend tutoring together with Josh?

I was there because of you.

Remember when we’d hangout at lunch? That was one of my favorite parts of the day, except for when Vishal pissed you off. I wanted to make sure you were ok and wanted you to come back.

Remember when we spent time together at the military ball? I can’t remember a better time going to a dance with someone who was so important to me.

Remember when you’d open doors for me?

I loved watching you be a gentleman.

Remember when I told you about the time I was making dessert for my brothers first engagement where I hurt my right wrist badly enough that there were times I asked if you could carry my books?

My right wrist still hurts when I’m under a lot of pressure and/or stress, but these little things meant so much to me. Every time I wear my brace, I think of that time.

Remember when we took pictures to document every fun time we had together?

We didn’t, and I feel so stupid because of that. All I have are memories that I don’t even know if you remember any of this.

Remember when you bragged about your girlfriend teaching you about Vick’s? I know way more other ways it can be used as well as a ton about detox which is important for your health.

Remember when you bragged about her making you a sandwich?

To this Brazilian girl, a sandwich is a lazy meal. I can cook over 100 dishes and they never disappoint.

Remember when I told you I’d pray for you and cheer you on?

I couldn’t wait to see you again someday.

Remember when I called you Mr. Andrews? I love to tease you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Remember when you looked at my pieces of intriguing literature with disbelief that I would say such things?

I’ve got no filter, you’re welcome.


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