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Real Sex with a Tattoo Artist He Fucks with Client

I demanded him " I WANT YOU CUM deep inside me."

By The Lost GirlPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In a crowded Sydney bar on a Friday night, the party was in full swing. Finding a guy was the last thing on my mind while music played and bodies danced all around me. Suddenly I saw him, dressed in a black T-shirt and trousers, standing by the bar. A vast contrast from the suited and booted, groomed men I was dating at the time, he had tattoos virtually everywhere they could be seen, from the cobweb that started on his neck and circled onto his left cheek to the incomprehensible inscriptions on his sleeve.

After finishing my drink, I proceeded to get another one while unsubtly putting myself close to him. I knew I wanted him as soon as we started talking, but my buddies called me back.

I felt someone's gaze on me after an hour and several alcoholic beverages; it was him. Aaron and I left the club together at five in the morning. He brought me to a nearby dilapidated structure with a tattoo parlour on the main floor. I had hoped we would get it on that night, but instead we simply spoke because Aaron had to leave for work in four hours. I eventually passed out on the couch while we were talking.

I was perplexed when I awoke the next morning. It took me a few seconds to realize why I could hear a tattoo gun buzzing. Aaron soon after made a comeback. After giving each other a quick glance, we began to kiss passionately. I figured he had to return downstairs to his job as he drove away, but instead he gently removed his top and trousers to display his muscular, inked physique. His arms were almost fully covered, and his entire chest was thickly inked with intricately detailed images. I had never seen anything like it, but I was captivated to the uniqueness.

He skillfully drew me forward by my legs as he slid my pants to the side and started to come down on me. He covered my mouth as I yelled out in pleasure. "We need to keep quiet because there's someone downstairs." The peril of the circumstance let loose my more reckless side. I complained, "I really shouldn't bother."

After some time, I took off his boxers and led him inside of me, encircling his waist with my legs as he made powerful thrusts. He entered me from behind after turning me over. Someone was entering the upstairs when suddenly we heard footsteps.

I demanded him " I WANT YOU CUM deep inside me."

Fantasies are often hidden from the world and can even be a source of shame, especially if I've got some fantasies that I would rather stick in the fantasy world. Instead, open up to him about my fantasies. It’s an easy way to end the silence I am not sure what to say during sex. I told him what I am thinking about when he penetrating me deep inside. He enhanced the mood and feel liberating toward me. sex. I told him what I am thinking about when he penetrating me deep inside. He enhanced the mood and feel liberating toward me.

We quickly put on a decent appearance while his similarly highly tattooed coworker opened the door. He could clearly see what had occurred, and I took that as my cue to depart. I made my excuses, gathered my belongings, and made for the door. I observed the tattoo guns that were scattered among faux-leather adjustable chairs as I walked out. It was my first and final time entering a studio.

Although I never saw Aaron again, I am constantly thinking about our encounter. Our rendezvous, despite being brief, revealed a side of me I'd long forgotten and demonstrated to me that I have the self-assurance to be adventurous in the bedroom—or the backstage.


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