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When the tables turned..

By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

She was tired of running. She never should have had to. She still wanted to stay but she had not been helped by any agency Federal, State, county, local or even nonprofit. Had anyone simply taken 10 minutes to ask her about any of it she would have kept trying but apparently they stood up only for the criminals among their ranks, and criminals themselves. She might have once been one of them but she could not stop this from happening if no one spoke to her, and the only people who did, had victimized her. There had been no justice for anything that had been done to her for two and a half years. She had lost faith in every one she trusted and everything she believed in. She had to remind herself every day it wasn't her fault but it had happened. The investigation stalled without access to the evidence, threats never to speak to those assigned to investigate the criminals and the cops themselves, threats of arrest, threats on her life, threats and attacks that was all there had been in the last few years. A victim with information she would freely give should not be afraid or left to protect herself. She should not have had her life taken from her and no one listen.

Her life had been perfect before trying to leave not the place she had considered home but him. Just Him. He and his friends made sleeping with the enemy look like a love story. She had not defected to the criminal side, or lost her mind. It had all happened. She was tired of struggling financially and with every thing. She had had moments in her life when she wasn't as accomplished as she had been still trying to get justice. Had the man she loved answered a phone call, had her friends been concerned about her, had anyone done the right thing she wouldn't be the one still trying to get justice and in touch with people she loved that loved her. Even witness protection would have been a better option but she wasn't in it. She wasn't a criminal and she would never take up their cases. She wanted stability, she wanted answers and she wanted people to stop judging her. Her own father didn't care about what had been done to her, her mother wouldn't even be looking for her. She had gone to everyone she trusted expecting they would return calls and emails. She never thought it was a conspiracy, she still didn't. She wasn't the scapegoat, she just expected the legal justice entitled to anyone.

She didn't need therapy she needed another safe haven around people that were like her- and that wasn't constantly being attacked by people who belonged in jail. She wasn't a messiah, or anything more than than a scared woman who had been hurt by people over and over again, prevented from having what was hers, and even an attorney to sue them.

God had granted her one angel, and she needed a million more. She didn't need to pay for anything, because she hadn't done anything wrong. The answer might not be what one would have expected but it was the truth the truth and nothing but the truth. She didn't need to be obstructed, she needed to find a home, and pick up her life where it had been broken over two years before so she could go to law school, so she could have the things that had been hers that had been taken. No one could make up the details of what she had been through but no one being angry about it and missing her life was destroying her. She needed a rescue from the universe, and a way to succeed.

Success had always been easy for her. She was wicked smart and skilled at a lot of things. She did not need to be humbled or hit a rock bottom because she had never lied a a day in her life. She needed the justice afforded to everyone else. She needed the people she loved to be the people they were before him and the disaster he had set into motion. She would never go back to him. She had never loved him and she would never ever be his again. All her life she had been protected by the people around her, loved as it should have been. He would never get her to forgive him. He had taken everything and no one had stopped him. If she had to she would.


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Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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