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My Sexual Interaction with a Famous Singer

When he removes his hand, I'm still clenching and releasing in pleasure.

By The Lost GirlPublished about a year ago • 3 min read
Riding with style and stroking him with my hips

Well, so meeting a big pop star on the Tube is perhaps the last place you'd anticipate. Presumably they all ride around in limos instead of having to squeeze amongst hot commuters? That's what I thought until one day in London, when I was seated next to someone who was so beautiful he should be renowned. But I didn't recognise the tall Chinese man across the carriage from me.

"So, what's your favourite love rule?" he asked, scooting onto the seat beside me with a sly grin. His transatlantic drawl made the McDonald's Saver Menu sound enticing. Nonetheless, I wasn't a fan of that cute boyband style. Unlike some of my friends, who were utterly obsessed with One Direction, I was more into rock music.

But Raymond went above and beyond. With jet-black hair, piercing dark eyes, and high cheekbones, he was drop-dead attractive in a Zayn Malik kind of way. We started talking, and he mentioned that he was in a band and had been recording somewhere out in the country.

I imagined he was in some university group or on the rise, but I couldn't envision him strumming a guitar on a beer-stained '80s carpet in the local Dog And Duck.

"Maybe you might audition for The Voice," I suggested. I didn't realise how stupid my remark was at the time. He chuckled and then asked me if I wanted to go back to his hotel room in the most direct way I'd ever been approached. I might have felt it was arrogant if he hadn't been so beautiful and engaging. I found myself nodding instead. Since breaking up with an ex, I had not had sex for six months, but there was something about Raymond that made me feel impetuous. We virtually sprinted up the escalators, jumped off the Tube, and into a cab.

He had the penthouse at the opulent five-star hotel where we pulled up. He wasn't a rising star, which was becoming more and more clear, but I was too enamoured with him to inquire. I could feel his erection as he mashed his body against mine and inserted his tongue into my lips. I wanted him to let me use the hotel elevator right away.

We eventually got it to his room, though, and as we lurched towards the bed, we started ripping off each other's clothes.

He was staying in the penthouse when we arrived at the Three-star hotel.

I arched my back so my breasts touched his lips as he kissed my neck, and he eagerly sucked my nipples. He sat on me till I had to turn over and straddle him in order to feel him inside of me. I continue to seduce him to make him feel attracted to you and want to have sex with me and wanting more from him. I lost my mind.

When he removes his hand, I'm still clenching and releasing in pleasure. He has taken a condom out of his pocket, as I can see when I turn around and look over my shoulder. How did he know to bring a condom has me scratching my head. Did he intend for this to take place? Instead of feeling angry as I had anticipated, I became even more aroused.

He then phoned a cab for me. What is the name of your band, then? As I walked away, I questioned. He gave me a cheek kiss and told me.

On the way home, I Googled them and learned that he was a member of one of Asia's largest bands and had performed in front of stadiums packed with screaming girls. I started to think of myself as a fan after that afternoon.

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