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The Decision I Make

By Forrest LovingPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Artist: Viyletsol Sierra

Comfort is foreign

A word that views me as the plague

Only wanting sensuality in times of distress

When my dreams were escapades

It's always running from my grasp

I am the antonym

Constantly changing directions

I am the inconsistency of the synchronicities

The Universe provides to those that have awaken

Comfortability exists only in my mind

During times when he and I intertwine

And I question the soon-to-be known

"Will it be like this in real life"

If comfort and safety coincide

Then he is my definition of comfort

Because his voice feels like his hand is in mine

On my tattoos, his fingers draw over the lines

My doubt is swallowed by reassurance

And he doesn't interpret me as glass

Yet, he still sets me on their vanity;

Swimming through my currents

His pictures remind me of imperfection

As he dips into my sands time and time again

Weaving through the dunes of neverending

My love for him is a never-ending cycle

His gaze creates the bend of my knees

I pray that it doesn't swallow me

I feel idolized while I venerate him

I hope his kiss feels like holy water

I want it to wash over me in states of everlasting

Cleansing me of my sins with every layer of intensity

A resurrection of my soul; I'll ask for forgiveness

I want him to see my body as a temple

Treasured and dressed up like a vintage doll

I'll tell him to see me as anything other than simple

As I allow him to paint my walls

And maybe my complexity will make him stay

I imagine comfort feels like home

A place to belong

Like me in his arms when I have nowhere to go

A deserted island is always so welcoming

Of someone to take advantage

And maybe that's why I open myself up to him

He rummages my memories and I give him my dignity

I leave behind my integrity hoping that he'll hold me

Love is an addiction and he makes me feel so high

If he didn't catch me, I still wouldn't be able to see

Every text is a fix that reminds me why I can't quit

Extended conversations cause me to overdose

To be loved in the way I desire to love myself

Surfacing these emotions; no one else has come close

Every step towards the possibility of us strikes me

To be a disappointment in his mind is a failure in mine

He makes beats within my ribcage without the knowledge

His melodies fill up my routines

The thought of him and I satisfies my appetite

Cross my heart that death will walk past me

Reasoning that he'll be beside me just a little longer

For he is my god and I, another goddess wanting to encompass him

Faith in him gives me protection

Divinity looks good on us when he raises me up

And I worship what he gives me

He voices reason to my nurturing nature

I hide within the trees

Within him, I embody patience

With him I find tranquility

And the moon reminds me that he sinks in my tides

Waves crash against rocks, drowning out thoughts of us not making it

Comfort is reliving our conversations

His whispers fill my ears, forcing me to succumb to submission

And I know that loveless lies cease to exist

To trust him means trusting my decisions

In a burdened world that disapproves of my inconsistent being

As I continue to bury society's commands for conformity

And I promise myself that seeing him again will bring me comfort


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