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Letter from a Cuck Husband #122

by Master SHANGO 5 months ago in Taboo
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An expatriate couple's cuckold adventure while in Nigeria.

Hi Damien,

I’ve only recently stumbled across your website and Medium blog and thought I’d reach out and let you know that I’m a great fan of yours, and I do admire your work. As you will know well, it’s a very common fantasy amongst white women to have sex with black men, and many white men (including myself) love watching our wives or girlfriends getting fucked by African men. I hope you get lots of opportunities in Nigeria to make such fantasies real for other expatriate wives.

I’m writing to you because my wife and I returned to the States in 2017 after four years of living in Lagos (we had a villa off of Bishop Olunole Street on Victoria Island, not far from the Villa Angelia hotel). I worked for an oil logistics company and visited Port Harcourt several times during that period, as we had customers in the Niger-Delta region. It’s a shame I wasn’t aware of your work whilst we were there, as you would have most certainly been welcome to enjoy my wife if you’d visited Lagos.

For background, Emily is now 36. She’s 5’ 3”, curvy with 34H breasts. She’s a natural redhead with blue eyes, has very creamy white skin, and has always had a penchant for black men. I knew this before I married her (the first time I saw her, she was making out with a black guy in a club), and that’s never been a problem for me. Indeed, interracial sex runs in her family. Her sister has had two children by two different black men, and Emily’s first sexual experience was with a much older married black guy when she was 17yrs old.

I’m very much into interracial sex involving black guys with white women, so Emily has been a perfect wife for me. We enjoy watching IR porn, and we’ve often played out a shared bit of fun that involves me going down on Emily’s pussy whilst she watches Xhamster porn videos on her iPad. We usually prefer to watch amateur porn featuring horny white wives having sex with ordinary-looking guys rather than porn stars. Emily is free to have fun with other men on my behalf. Before coming to Nigeria, we agreed that it would be great if she could discreetly hook up with any local guy to make her happy.

Thankfully my posting to Lagos was perfect for us, as it allowed us to live out our fantasies for several years.

In your books, you often write about expatriate couples indulging in interracial sex in Nigeria, but I’d like to reassure you that it’s very much a reality. Emily and I went to Nigeria thinking that we’d be able to quietly arrange something, if we were very discrete and found the right man. But by the second day of us being there, we found that it was completely normal amongst expatriate wives. Indeed, our designated driver, Yemi, from my company, asked Emily during our first week in Lagos if he was required in her bed, as he had done similar stuff with his previous two bosses’ wives. He was very polite when he made this request, as though it was entirely normal for a Nigerian driver to candidly ask a white wife if he should provide her with sex.

By our second week in Lagos, Ade, my house gardener, made a similar request, so Emily was never devoid of seductive attention. The result was that my wife had two men to pleasure her sexually and she indulged in sex with them regularly; unfortunately, she never got to have them simultaneously. She would drop our daughter off at school in the morning, return home for a shower, and call up Yemi for sex. In the afternoons, and if she was in the mood, she would invite Ade to bed for a session too.

I was usually at work while Emily had her fun, but she occasionally sent me photos through WhatsApp of what she was up to with both men. The thought of her enjoying both men in the house always made me happy. On several occasions, I was fortunate to observe her in action. Seeing Emily being taken by Yemi from behind, watching the way her big boobs bounced around whilst he fucked her hard, and the way her pale skin contrasted with his dark complexion was always amazing for me. I’ve no idea how much amount of cum that both guys pumped into her over the 4-year period that we resided in Victoria Island, but I would guess that it was enough to make her pregnant ten times over.

I should add that all four of Emily’s closest girlfriends also had similar arrangements with their drivers. Her friends were in their early 30s, married with young children, and enjoyed the interracial lifestyle very much.

They were a mixture of blondes, brunettes, and one redhead (my wife) so the Nigerian guys got to experience the range of white women in bed. They sometimes came by for visits and they would swap lovers while having group sex in our living room. On any given weekend, the five of them would get sexually satisfied by three or four different Nigerian men.

Since we left Nigeria, Emily and I often wonder if my successor and his wife (a Dutch couple) have continued the arrangement with Yemi and Ade.

Anyway, best wishes, and please keep up the excellent work.


Josh & Emily

Austin, Tx.


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