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I protect myself from more scars!

by Irene Mielke about a month ago in Humanity · updated about a month ago
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Guarded from everyone!

I protect myself from more scars!
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Here's a poem I poured my heart and soul into on life and conflict. I wrote it about being a broken-hearted wreck finding yourself in it all, and still coming out of it strong, realizing as imperfect as we are, it is during the hard times were strengthened into beauty. Still perfect once we learn to accept it as part of us instead of being ashamed of who we are.

Dogs are a girls bestfriend when she feels she has nobody!

It's probably one of the most profound poems I have ever written. May it inspire and give courage to somebody who reads it. I'm a very passionate person. I open my soul, and I wear my heart on my soul on my sleeve because I know people out in the world need to know and feel that they're not alone. My writing is my survival; without it, I'm like the rest of you.

Broken Hearted in his car!

Dance Class:


I protect my heart from more scars!

by, Irene


I try hard to be a FREE SPIRIT, but that's not me.

I was raised with discipline and to avoid the devil's misery.

Still, they're all trying to pull me in, peer-pressure me.

I stay stubborn - I won't let them ruin me.

I'm far from flawless.

I still got a strict conscious.

I'm determined to keep my morals now.

How do they sleep like they deserve a bow?

They always make me feel like I don't belong.

These people act like I'm so strong.

So what if I'm selective?

So what if I'm protective?

I let my mind speak up so loud.

I wear my armor proud.

But my soft and tender heart,

Like a bulletproof vest, I protect that part!

I'm like a soldier off to war.

Like a bird, I soar.

Even when, like a shattered mirror, I break.

I run away, so they don't see my heartache.

I don't want their endless pity.

I don't need a whole committee.

I need a true friend.

A person who understands, while, I let myself mend.

Someone to love me for who I am.

Returns the same unconditional love I give to them.

No, I won't follow on command.

I'm confident in life where I stand.

I'm not afraid to avoid the crowd and stand on my own.

I don't need to be the Queen on the throne.

I'm not excited by some magician.

I'm not desperate or in need of recognition.

If it's not with honor, I don't deserve gold.

I will provide love and loyalty to the needy until I'm old.

Listen to the hardships of people's stories as they unfold.

Give them charity until I help them mould.

I won't let those spirits stop me from doing right.

I won't let those spirits stop me from my fight.

I won't give in to their bribery for their acceptance.

I know they blackmail me with a vengeance.

If that's what they need, I'd rather their rejection.

I'm all about compassion and affection.

I'm always ready for battle if it means I keep my dignity.

They look at me like I'm too full of integrity.

They're trying to loosen me up, I want to be set me free!

They want to steal me away; as I allow angels to protect me.

These demons are so blind; they can't see.

I'm full of courage and bravery.

I didn't become this way overnight.

I held on and never gave in to spite.

Still, they assumed my life but never asked.

Do you see? I can never forget my past!

They keep telling me to leave it behind.

But how can I erase what made me from my mind?

That young girl is the reason for who I've become.

I'm still battling with her. I still haven't won.

Yet, It's what makes my heart so tender.

Yet, It's what makes me not surrender!

But I'm learning to win.

My lights are no longer dim.

They still use their weapons and want me back down on their level!

I'm holding on to my sword and I keep fighting off that devil.

They think I got it all together.

They think I've had it easy forever!

I can see right through their sick and twisted game.

The most they know about me is my name!

They're constantly manipulating me.

They're always thinking they can still keep tempting me.

They can laugh and mock.

Alright then, if it makes them feel better to gawk.

I know my God, and he made me strong!

With these angels on my side, I will always prolong.

I know who I am on the inside.

I'd still help them stride.

I love even my enemy.

I hate seeing people suffer in misery.

It takes a hurt person to pick on someone.

I truly know how it feels to have no one.

I was once helpless. I remember the days I felt hopeless.

Now I'm hopeful. I'm focused.

I rarely talk about my pain.

I still see the flood of my old tears from the storms I let rain.

I was once like them crying those oceans of waves every day.

I used to be speechless with no words to say.

Today I see the blessings like the sun.

All the work in the world still needs to be done.

I refuse to hate. All I can do is appreciate.

I still remember the life I left behind.

Now protecting victims once like me is all that fills my mind.

I see how dark clouds are and understand how easy it is to fall.

Think you are worthless and all you can do is crawl.

I've been intimidated by the staircase.

Everything good you're scared to embrace.

People are preying on you one too many times.

You still get blamed for all their crimes.

Yet you were the bail money that got them out of there.

They leave you hanging, moving on without a care.

Their attitudes make you afraid of what's at the top.

You donate your whole life to a worthless shop.

Then users start to come, and people prey.

Over time I've learned to shut that vulnerable girl away.

I began to have an attitude of forgiving.

It's what keeps me going, keeps me living.

In life, I found my cause.

I could care less for applause.

I look above, and I want to hold on to my spirituality.

I want to create a testimony.

I don't get mad - I turn to prayer.

God never said life was fair.

I still remember the girl that got bullied and teased.

The girl in me, people treated as they pleased.

The girl people judged but barely met.

Now I'm the girl that intimidates them like a threat!

The girl they try to send into more debt.

Little do they know I was a loner, a teacher's pet!

I'm not about all the material things.

I'm not about those diamond rings.

To me, life is more precious than that.

I got a scar on my forehead from a bat.

My head gushed open and bled that day.

But that was way back yesterday!

I was once that teenager who was weak.

The one the world called pretty, but inside still a geek.

There were days I let my childhood haunt me.

There were days I let the devil taunt me.

In my life, I've made many mistakes.

It's as though I was a ghost in the five great lakes.

Even lost, I still held on to my heart.

I surrendered, despite all the people who came to rip it apart.

Dig deep enough you'll find a girl who used to bleed.

A girl who never thought she could ever succeed.

A girl who turned her back on the things she believed.

A girl who gave her life over to the rod and got misperceived!

You'll find a girl full of bruises, a girl full of scars.

A girl who used to never see the stars!

As a child, I learned about pain and disability.

I had a father who could never see.

I had a mother who used never to know her real family.

With faith, they always fought for my siblings and me.

I have a brother I taught to walk who is a miracle.

Every day of my life, I watch him fight the incurable.

Sometimes people try so hard to get to me.

But they can't when they know I'm flying free!

I could never want to be like them.

I love myself for who I am.

They try to turn me mean and make me walk away.

I don't turn my back on those who need me to stay!

Then they wonder why they can't break me now.

Then they wonder why they can't take me now.

Learning to love myself again!




I'm like an ocean of waves you can't surf, and, if I'm strong on the outside. I guess, maybe, it's because I know the island on the other side of the storm and who I am on the inside!

See, I'm just a girl who knows how to love, but I protect that love!


About the author

Irene Mielke


I am Irene. I am an aspiring blogger and writer looking to influence the next generation towards their dreams. I want the rest to know that age is just a #, and you're never too old to begin a new dream from scratch.

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  • Mariann Carroll23 days ago

    So powerful and relatable, I hearted and subscribe 🌈🌺♥️

  • Rick Henryabout a month ago

    Very touching and personal...

  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Awesome poem!!!💖💕

  • Nice poem!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I truly loved your poem. It made me feel a range of emotions

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