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Hillbilly Heaven

My most embarrassing moment

By Tina MillerPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
photo by American Hat Makers

My most embarrassing moment would be when someone put a maxi-pad to the side of my cowboy hat when I was at a party.

Yup, I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I went to a party with a bunch of new friends, well what I thought were friends. I must have been 16 at the time. I had just had my daughter at the late age of 15. I was with my daughter’s father, and we were with his so-called friends. My boyfriend had just started to hang out with these new kids and one night he asked me to go to this party with him. Reluctantly I said yes to please him.

That night it started out kind of creepy. There was this one girl there who was really not all there. She was rude, obnoxious, not to mention ugly as all hell. We are all getting into the party and chatting, music is playing in the background, the chatting isn't much to listen too. The bunch of so-called friends of my boyfriend were all not particularly a very bright bunch. It’s hillbilly town all the way. I mean, no manners, the way they hold themselves, the way they were dressed, and the way they spoke was so different from what civilized people would hear.

All of a sudden this ugly, obnoxious girl wants all of us girls to go to the bathroom together. I am wondering what in the world would every girl in that room want to go to the bathroom together for? But as I said, I am doing this to please my boyfriend. I reluctantly followed every girl into the bathroom.

There everyone just started chatting in corners while one girl sits down and starts to pee in front of all of us girls. I thought....there is something really creepy about this. When the ugly, obnoxious girl comes up to me and starts admiring my cowboy hat I was wearing.

It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, my 16th birthday! We always got each other weird gifts just to make us laugh. And this was my gift from him this year. It was a brown leather cowboy hat that fit to the top of my head like a glove. I absolutely loved that hat. It was still cool nights and the hat made for a really warm head. I have to say that hat was one of the most comfortable hats I had ever worn.

Anyway, here we are, all of us girls in the bathroom when all of a sudden this ugly, obnoxious girl comes over to me in this crowded bathroom and asks me if she can see my hat, so I said yeah sure! And she takes it over into a corner where I thought maybe there was a mirror over there, I couldn’t see a mirror but it might have been hidden where I couldn’t see it and she comes back and is telling me how great she thinks my hat is. This ugly, obnoxious girl says, ok girls lets go back out to the party. So all of us girls follow this one ugly, obnoxious girl back into the party.

We all go back out into the room where all of the guys are sitting and all of a sudden everybody is laughing at me. I can see some are looking at me in horror. I really am being creeped out now and am wondering why everybody is laughing or looking at me in horror. All of a sudden someone in the crowd, I don’t remember who it was, picked my hat off my head and showed me that this wonderfully ugly, obnoxious human being had pasted a woman's maxi-pad to the side of my cowboy hat.

I ran out of there crying in the dark. I ran all of the way home which was about 3 miles in the dark on these dark woodsy back roads that went up into the hills of hell. No one could catch me that night. I never went into those woods again with those fucking creepy people that we know as hill people.

I hid from my boyfriend for a week. I couldn’t even believe that he had taken me to such a place and had such creepy people that he wanted to hang out with. That was definitely not the way I wanted to live my life. I had better ideas for myself.

I ended up dumping him for a better life.


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Tina Miller

I have always written. Since I can remember I have kept a diary. Now I just want to show my work.

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