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Heres a happier post

by Merjaunie Lena 4 months ago in Humanity
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I am at peace

Heres a happier post
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Since I've had some time to myself and finding out who I am, and my worth, and how much of a great person I am, I've become so much happier within myself its crazy. My alone time I've had really made me realize how selfish I was being in not putting myself first or my feelings. I've had so much time to reflect on the past, and heal mentally and emotionally from everything and overcome so much. It was a very long journey to get where i am today, but i am so proud of myself.

To notice how much i've actually matured in ways of like not reacting to certain things, or letting small things bug me, or just cutting people out of my life. I dont even hesitate to put myself first in any situation that is of course if im not in the wrong, because if i am obviously i would put my pride aside and do what i need to do. Now i will not let anybody stand in my way of my happiness or let anybody disrupt my peace i do not care who you are i will cut you off becuase i do not need that. This is something i had to learn, and it took me a while to believe that if its not bringing you happiness then it is not for you. If its messing with your peace and getting into your head then it is not for you. I am so content with everything at this moment, and i am manifesting good vibes and energy only into my life.

Being able to finally be okay with how my life is going is something i really thought i would never feel. Just to be so calm, relaxed, worried free about the things that dont actually matter is the best feeling in the world right now. I use to worry about EVERYTHING before, and it ruined me mentally to where i thought it would never end. But being able to find yourself again and realize who you are, and what you bring to the table is the absolute best. Because now knowing what i know, and having the confidence i have now i feel like nothing can hurt me in ways i use to let things affect me. Its hard to explain this feeling, but if you know you know right, and if you dont you will get there some day.

It takes time to control yourself and your emotions, and to know what you should let affect you and what you shouldnt. You have to know your worth for one, and you have to love yourself more than the others around you. Your happiness always has to come first before anything, and once you find that youll know the feeling. Take your time to rekindle with yourself inside and out, find things you enjoy to do and do them. Learn what makes you special, enjoy your own company for a while. Reflect on the past and learn from it and move forward never move back. Because once you leave the past in the past it gets so much easier. Even if you have to leave the old you in the past to find the new you do it. Old habits, people, traumas, whatever it is leave it behind because its doing no good for you in the present. This is exaclty what i did for the past year and it helped me so much in ways i cannot even explain. I am happy, I am content, I am at peace with everything, and now its your turn.


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