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Feeling With No Movement

The start of a love story

By Tash JohnsonPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Feeling With No Movement
Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

Silence, the noisy world we portray this crazy life in has become silenced. All the thoughts running through my head had come to one jarring halt. Wings of birds stopped flapping, particles of dust that you could see from light beaming through the glass window held still in the air. Flaky is now strong. Action potentials sweeping through my brain thousands of times, every single millisecond, and notions constantly interrupting my daily existence. They finally felt as though they had been suppressed and hushed to sleep like the little girl I used to be. His eyes converged into mine. Uneasiness is now calmness like life is born from death.

Similarities of insignificance, alike qualities we somehow share. Our connection has somehow been built before we were brought into this Earth. A mole, one inch from our nose lies on the left sides of our faces. Identical from an extent. A small dot dark in color seems like nothing from a distance, but as you zoom in closer millions of microscopic atoms fulfil the dot. Atoms full of love and purity. Atoms that were meant to be placed there. A small coincidence builds these waves souring around us like we are the only people in the room stuck together in a disastrous tornado.

His left eyebrow and my left eyebrow, they share wisdom, experience, knowledge. Everything an elderly person would adhere, yet we are youthful. This connection we share is historic, nothing like anyone’s ever heard of, nothing like I ever thought would happen, nothing like what my life was ‘supposed’ to be. Born with one eyebrow slightly uneven, the commencing hairs of the brow are characterised as standing upwards compared to the rest of the brow. One centimeter of the tiny forest on my face has so much meaning. Minor conceptions can really make the greatest reverberations.

A small accident of falling over and knocking into a sharp, puncturing object has scared the first centimeter of his brow. A line with no hairs lies one centimeter in from the start of his left brow. We share this quality of unease as familiarity fuels that soothing feeling in our minds and each other’s presence fuels the fire in our stomachs. It means something, the way we are built, and the way some of his qualities matches mine. It’s like we are the same, morals that are duplicated and shared into our souls. His soul is like mine and my soul is like his. Mates are endless.

“What happened to your brow?” Words of wonder escaped from his curious mouth as he thought I must have experienced a similar incident in which he received his scar. Firm, short words showing a complete disinterest in him escaped from mine.

“It’s just like that.” My head turned away and an act grasped control of my entire body. A lack of prejudice is all I have shown towards him. I continue with my school, looking invested in my chemistry but I am really thinking of him, thinking how I feel right now with his lingering presence, the only presence I can intensely feel in this classroom. I cut him off, I don’t talk to him, I keep my distance. I do this, I don’t know why. I am dying on the inside, is he? I wish I knew; I wish he knew. He must.

An unspoken affiliation is shared upon us. We both feel and we both observe each other without giving one act of affection towards one another. My thoughts dive deep down into my stomach and my gut instinct just knows. Nature instincts created from the birth of survival, passed on by many generations lie between the villi in my stomach. We were born to experience, sense, endure. To feel brand new sensations is exciting, yet terrifying. Why am I feeling like this when the thought or the sight of him enters by head. Before his presence surrounded mine my heart was only there for beating. Now it has changed. Multiple roles fulfil its purpose as magic is enclosed in my rib cage. Feelings are now associated with it’s beating. As the distance between us increases, a deep emotional ache is present in my left side of my chest. My heart is sad because it has learnt to crave him, it’s my body’s natural way of telling me to never let him go. It’s telling me to be near him, to find him for a reason. My mind wonders as it’s circling millions of times a second due to the new, foreign cue in my life. Why is nature telling me to be close to him?

NOTE: Feedback would much be appreciated as this is the first piece i've ever written. Thanks :)


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Stories from a seventeen year-old.

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  • Angelina F. Thomas5 days ago

    Glorious content. Thanks for writing this beauty on my favorite platform!

  • Tracy Willis2 months ago

    I can’t believe this is your first piece and hope it’s not your last. The start of the story is so compelling and has such a great description - It left me wanting to know what happened. Please write more!

  • Yes! You captured falling in-love beautifully, in all its clumsy ways! ❤️

  • LIMA2 months ago

    Amazing Story..I have a story like that!!One day I will also share with you all.

  • Robert Ayers2 months ago

    Nice article. Great writing style, well done

  • Gabord2 months ago

    Thanks to this article I can learn more. Expand my knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very real.

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