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Expressing the way to create happiness

by Beasts 4 months ago in Humanity · updated 4 months ago

It's often said that If you will of something the whole world will try to get that for you.

Expressing the way to create happiness
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It's often said that If you will of something the whole world will try to get that for you. But I think this is not applicable in my case. I am one who wants to change the thinking of the people but to do so its not easy. I have seen a lot of people who think they are only right in every condition, these people will never accept even if they are wrong and there are other types of people who believe that they are wrong even if they are right.

We all have grown up with these people. But among us we many are the one who knows what is wrong and what is right but expresses according to the listener. In fact, more than 90% of people express themselves in this way.

Now you might be thinking that what kind of person am I then. Like many of us, I am also the same. But there is some difference, I don't know why I have this difference but I feel proud of it.

I don't get hit by a beam of green light. I just don't react instantly to any problems. I enjoy the moment even if it's the most difficult time. I love the way that we deal with our problems. The feeling we get while going through the problem is almost unforgettable.

Every problem has a unique feeling that inspires me to complete the problem at any cost. I don't just solve any problems to get up to it's solution I do it to get the thrill of failure that will push me further. Which almost every time results in success.

The power of forgiveness, it's the most important thing in life to be happy. You learn to be happy if you forgive others. I believe in this but not all the people believe in this. If we all had the power of this then the word revenge would never come into existence.

Due to the lack of forgiveness, only the problem like war is established. If all the people will think that every life is precious then even the biggest problem will be solved.

In war, we have seen many innocent people lost their life. Many resources are being used to make nuclear weapons. Even now many countries are making nuclear weapons and selling them the country to destroy the lives of innocent people in the name of revenge.

Many radioactive elements are used to make nuclear weapons. But there are many ways that we can use it constructively. We can harvest the green light coming from the radioactive elements and use it to make useful electricity.

Around 10% of electricity in the world is made from nuclear reactors. If we will able to reduce the use of radioactive elements to make nuclear weapons then we will be able to make the world bright enough so that no one can make it dark. By reacting around 10 gm of uranium in a nuclear reactor we can produce electricity enough to light a village.

I ordered to make the world bright we must have the power of forgiveness, this is the only weapon that will help us to fight against the word revenge, to bring happiness, and to create peaceful earth.

Earth is the only planet where we can live. So we need to create a suitable environment for everyone to live here. We must have the power to control our anger if not then this will create a huge problem that will take our life to fight against it. So at every movement, we should be happy and thank everyone who helped us to become the ones who we really are.

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