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Energy in Relationships that Served its Purpose

by Rae Magick 9 months ago in Dating
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Energy that needs to be removed to open some space in your life

By MoneyforCoffee from Pixabay

I can tell when someone or something in a relationship has served its purpose in my life. The person in the relationship is so much fun while he or she is there. The energy is an equal exchange between the two of you. But if you're not careful that exchange that seems like an equal amount is sometimes just enough to get you hooked on him or her.

I was surprised when I met my past life soulmate on Facebook dating back in the year 2020. We connected really quickly, and it felt so natural to talk with him. But just as quickly as we connect, he ripped that band aide off after withdrawing from me.

I recently met a good guy who will either make a great friend or great lover. We seem to connect on a spiritual level, which is always my favorite kind of relationship. I am honestly not sure what to make of the relationship I am building with him, but he is nice to me.

Now I think Facebook dating has just been energetically used up for me.


But when it comes to a friendship that you really invested in...

I ended a friendship that I thought would last a lifetime. It was difficult for me to end the friendship. From time to time, I still think of telling her something I’m experiencing or thinking about. I let go of her the week before Christmas in 2021. The very day I let go of her I decided to do nothing but watch True Blood. I probably decided to drink some alcohol to numb the pain away. I didn't want to hurt her, but I also needed to stop hurting.

I could tell that I made the right decision because as time passed by, I could feel and think more clearly about things in my life. I no longer felt energetically congested when I was thinking about my life plans. That doesn't mean that my breaking the friendship apart doesn't hurt me. That was a friendship I really invested my time with. But that's just it. I invested my time with her. She pretended or just went halfway with me in our friendship. She would give me just enough of her to get hooked on her. Anything she did for me was an exaggeration of what she really felt for me. I think she also did things for me to try to keep me in her life.

Things had to end between us because I could feel her messing with my energy. She was trying to confuse me into just staying put in a place that doesn’t make me happy. I guess she wanted to feel bigger than I am. That is truly hurtful though.

Looking back, I met her at work while I was trying to figure out how to legally process my divorce. She watched me grow from a grouch to a goddess in her work. She introduced me to a woman who taught magick. She introduced me to books with sigil rituals inside that help you manifest things in your life. We exchanged tarot readings once in a while. We went to witchy events, energy rock events, and celebrated holidays and birthdays all month long together.

I have no idea what I gave to her in the friendship we shared but I did learn a lot from her. She helped me understand what it meant to fight for something you wanted badly enough. She talked about the elements of magick, giving back to earth as you receive the earth's gifts, and the signs to pay attention to through your days and nights.

It was a difficult decision for me to make, letting go of the friendship with her. I let go because I noticed that while I learned a lot from her, she wasn’t being very supportive of what meant the most to me. When I talked about my twin with her, she wasn’t very supportive. She told me that after my heartbreak she would never be ok with him in my life. She was trying to explain to me that twins don’t make it in healthy relationships. All she heard were stories about toxic twins and she thinks she experienced her own story.

Your twin doesn't ever physically harm you. Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine never lay a hand on each other. There could be drama between your twin and other people in their lives but there will never be that kind of drama between you and your twin. The toxic energy the twins do experience is based on the collective energy and generational pain that all needs attention and healing. I have experienced doing my own healing work and then my twin contacts me because he is going through something in his personal life. He never gets close to me in the 3D realm, only through our spiritual connection.

I felt really surprised when my former friend laughed after I told her I left my previous boyfriend. She knew that I wasn’t happy with him. She knows how I like to enjoy being with people, how I express my affection toward someone. As a friend you support him or her emotionally through it all. Without that support in a friendship, what are you? Just people who hang out from time to time?...

She would worship someone so badly that she lost sight of her own power. She wanted to be her mentor so badly, that she wanted to get into her mentor's energy fully, to get a taste of what it's like to be a millionaire and to have such a deep relationship with their deities in your houses. Yes, houses. Plural. My former friend could have the lifestyle if she believed in her own power and her own bloodline.

She was the type to pretend to be supportive of you. She would react and comment on my posts from time to time, but she didn't believe in the work I wanted to do to help people. She didn't believe in me she just pretended to.

It feels painful for me to be in a friendship that is not very supportive of what means the most to you. When I wanted to think bigger, she would laugh at me and try to make me feel smaller than I really am. She was trying to make me feel like I couldn’t do what was in my heart. I never understood why that was, but I couldn’t stick around much longer.

Finding myself in a friendship like that had me thinking that I still attract me who are not actually for me. They don't support what is the most important to me.

**I hope this article was clear enough. The breakup still has me feeling scattered some.


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Rae Magick

I write about the stories in my life that helped me heal. I write to help someone feel like they are not alone and can finally begin to heal as well.

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