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An Observationalist

One of the Ways In Which I View Mike Singleton - MikeyDred - A Vocal Creator And More

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
One of my guises

So What Am I?

An Observationalist, that’s one of the ways in which I see myself, although I feel it’s a made-up word, but that is what all words are. It’s just one facet of me but can be useful and helpful to others.

Actually, it is a real word and the definition is as stated below:

A person who employs observation as a principal method of working (as opposed to theoretician, theorist). Also (Philosophy): an adherent of observationalism.

How Do Others See Me

Only one person has ever written about me, my friend Melissa Ingoldsby and we see ourselves as brother and sister caring for and supporting each other and this is what she wrote about me.

Many others see me around on Facebook being there for people and helping out when people need something or don’t know how to do things.

How I See Things

I've always been good at finding things, but am always looking for new things, and answers to problems and questions.

So on Facebook, I try and find Hygge related quotes and images for the page Alle Tings Hygge.

I also walk to keep up my fitness and I have identified areas where I can photograph cats for the Cats of Vocal Facebook page.

These two pages give me goals to aim for but means that I can observe and find results which then cause people to be attracted to the pages. The initial idea came from my friend Les, she initiated these and I use my observationalist powers to grow these pages.

How To Find Things

People often think that I know a lot. At work it is data and Microsoft Office, In Vocal Social Society it is more wide-ranging although my software knowledge is seldom used, people just require solutions.

We now how the biggest knowledge repository ever available, and I am fairly knowledgeably traversing Google and other Social Meda areas to find the pieces of information required. There are times when I come up short and cannot find an answer and that shows me up for the unintelligent person that I really am, but it doesn’t stop me from always trying to find an answer.

I am currently trying to put together two books of my poetry for e-publication and thought it was going to be impossible but after a lot of experimentation, reading up and continual using the publisher I am on my way but it is hard work.

Learn to use Google Search by doing it continuously, but also bookmark useful sites that may actually help you in the future, The number of times I have forgotten sites that I have visited, but now I use Chrome’s History if I forgot to bookmark the site or page.

A Drawn Out Conclusion

I love finding new things and I love sharing things that I find. I only find things because I observe things and then often go off on a tangent and discover unexpected but still useful things.

Sometimes it is information, sometimes it is pictures and videos that I take with my phone.

All of these are then incorporated into bigger items or projects and it makes me proud that I am able to do things like that.

This is nothing to do with my writing, although I often have to uncover things in order to write, for example, the title of this piece, but this is about the stuff that I do that is not writing and shapes me to be the person that I am.


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  • Jay Kantor9 months ago

    MikeyDred - I've been getting so much feedback from my followers about you; I want to mention this. You may not have seen that I sent to you a nice 'complimentary' note last month, as well as a lovely shout-out about how helpful you are within the Vocal Community - This was said with sincerity. Also, as mentioned, spending a lifetime associated with 'Labor-Law' I certainly understand this is a biz for you. I respect that, but although I'm just an Old-Fashioned StoryTeller I know that I don't fit into your agenda - no problem whatsoever; not everyone's going to like me. I want you to know this is obvious and pointed out so often. Especially by my National 'Senior' Center followers; nothing more. *As an "Observationalist" thought you might want to know this ~ I will leave U/B ~ Jay Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author - Vocal Author Community -

  • Jay Kantorabout a year ago

    Mike - YOU 'Talk' to your followers - Perhaps a formula for your success? I strive to communicate with my readers often being referred to as an "Observational" writer as well. Thanks for the smiles! Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal 'Senior' Vocal Author

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