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Pihu received phone call from an unknown lady on landline.A phone call from a unknown person will able to change life of a 7 year old pihu ? let's find out????

By SabrinaPublished 18 days ago 4 min read

This story is about a 7 year old girl , Pihu and about a phone call which changed her life wholly.

Pihu was very jovial , super talented kid and replica of her grandmother. In the search of better livelihood her family shifted to urban area. They were only three of them living in big bunglow. Pihu' s parents were always busy with their office work. They didn't got enough time to play with her or simplysimply to talk good words with her. She felt neglected . She found her parents always indulged in silly verbal fights which being girl at this small age was heavy for her mentally.

Her parents had hired a caretaker for her but she was always busy on her phone , playing games and was careless towards Pihu. She was feeling alone, this lonesome made her to talk to her favourite toys and play all day long with them.

But deep down this Lil soul was disturbed by daily arguments between her parents.

One night while her parents were arguing loudly with each other in their room , telephone bell rang several times. Pihu was busy playing with her doll in the hall. No one happened to receive the call.

Pihu stepped forward to receive the call. She was curious to know who was on the other side of phone. When she received the telephone , the lady on the other side started shouting," why the hell are you not receiving my call on your mobile ? You didn't answered my call there so I had to phone you on your landline!" Then there was a silence.

"Hello....Are you there Suyash?" Lady again spoke out ," Please say something, why are you quiet ?".

"Hello!" an innocent voice came. The lady was relieved after hearing it. She asked , " Who are you my child? Can I speak to Suyash?" Pihu replied , " Aunty, papa is busy arguing with mumma".

Suyash was Pihu's father's name. Then the lady muttered to herself " first he cheated on me by hiding about his first marriage and now he is having child too! How can he be so cheap ? Why did he do this with me?"

Other hand Pihu was listening this. Pihu again said "Hello!". The lady was crying, she disconnected the call by saying " Take care my child".

From this call it was obvious that Pihu's father was having an extra marital affair. And that he kept , his marriage and girl child secret to the lady on phone call.

The very next day, that lady phoned again.Again this time the call was received by Pihu. Lady asked her , "Where is your papa? I want to talk to him, please call him!"

"Papa is not at home", Pihu replied.

Then the lady told Pihu to tell her father to call her later".

That lady called again after 5 minutes, Pihu was busy playing with her toys there only so she picked up the call. Whenever Pihu's innocent voice came , the lady used to talk softly. That lady asked Pihu about her parents' relationship . Pihu told her that her parents fought everyday. They didnt had time to play with her , care her , love her neither to talk to her peacefully.

They were either busy in doing their office work or fighting over silly things...Listening to this, the lady felt pity for Pihu. From that day onwards she used to call on landline but not to talk to Suyash but rather with Pihu.

Pihu too felt happy talking to her. One day caretaker noticed Pihu talking on phone , she asked her with whom she was talking. But Pihu didn't said anything. After that, the caretaker went and complaint to Pihu's mother. Her mother asked her and scolded her on this.

Pihu's mother called back on same number to find out about the person she was talking on landline everyday. When Pihu's mother asked the lady about the reason to call Pihu every single day she replied , " your husband although married with you and having a child , is cheating on both of us. He is in affair with me but he never let me aware about his marriage and not at all about a child."

Pihu's mother was shocked. She used to fight with Pihu's father because she doubted on him having affair and today she was startled with the truth. She told that lady to come meet her the next day and cut the call. Then she waited for Suyash to return home and got burst on him. He was not surprised to her behaviour as it was their daily drama. But he was puzzled about the lady she was talking about.

Next day that lady came to Pihu's house. Suyash and Pihu's mother was there at home waiting for her.

The lady introduced herself , her name was Shefali. Pihu's parents were there sitting on sofa. Shefali asked Pihu's mother " where is Suyash?".

Suyash was sitting next to her wife , he replied , " Excuse me! I'm Suyash. But sorry I didn't recognised you. How you know me?"

When he said this , the lady was embarrassed because he wasn't the one she was talking about. "Suyash" whom she referred on phone call , was someone else. She felt sorry about her misunderstanding. She apologized. Then she asked Pihu's parents a favour of not fighting with each other , or doubt on each other , since it was affecting Pihu.

Pihu was there , playing with her doll as usual. Shefali went to her, hold her and told her parents that a child's upbringing is based on "nurture and nature" , they must take care of her, love her over their work. And must ensure healthy and peaceful environment at home.

Please don't let your fights affect your child's mind." Shefali told this and took their leave by apologising them for her misunderstanding.

From that day , Pihu's parents started spending ample time with Pihu. They stopped fighting and doubting on each other.


"Doubt Your Doubts before it Ruin Your Relationship"



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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran18 days ago

    Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the Fiction community 😊

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