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A couple of lovers

by Merjaunie Lena 3 months ago in Dating · updated 3 months ago
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 A couple of lovers
Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

We were never supposed to get together in the first place, we were never supposed to actually start talking at all. An innocent joke turned into something more beautiful than i could imagine. From the late nights making eachother laugh, to the car rides, views, beaches, and everything in between made me fall in love with who you are as a person, and i loved the way you made me feel. You made me feel seen, beautiful, and special inside and out. It was something so innocent, and its probably the best love i have ever experienced.

Despite our bumpy roads we can never seem to let go of each other at all, we try and try and try, but to only come back again. So why are we forcing something thats not going to happen. They say you will ecperience 3 great loves in your lifetime, your first love, puppy love, and your great love. This last one i have with you is my great love. You are my third love and by far the greatest one ive encountered. The way you talk to me, carress me, and make me feel is one ive never felt before, and its something i want to hang onto as long as we can. You have tried to let me go and you always come back, we always come back. Our love is something special for the both of us, and we bring out the best in each other. We have this special bond and lets face it we are hooked. You are my lover, but you are also my best friend we can joke around without getting mad, we make each other laugh, we know eachothers weaknesses and strengths, and we always overcome anything. We have seen each others bad sides, and good sides, and its never changed how we felt towards one another. I can see it, my family sees it, and so does yours, youre in love with me and im in love with you otherwise we wouldnt be where we are today.

The way i can tell you what bothers me and call you out on things, and how you listen to me and what i want makes me feel seen and heard. The way you hold me, and look at me makes me feel beautiful. But the one thing i love the most about you is that you are always there, and that makes me feel loved. I know im not the easiest person sometimes to handle but here we are and what do we always say the reason is? " because i love you ", and thats more than enough for me. We have come a long way from what we used to be and we are still growing and developing ways, but during this creation we not only found love, we found that we are each others best friend. When something happens to the either one of us the first person you want to tell is me, and youre the first person i want to call. We found just laying in eachothers arms to be the most comforting, we bring this form of comfort we cannot get from any body else. I am so happy i found you, and have you in my life because i cannot see myself being how i am with anyone else but you. I know we arent perfect and sometimes we get frustrated but id rather work on things with you than to find and start something new with someone else. Id rather have a million conversations with you on what we both need to improve than to start over again. Our love and bond is more stronger than any other love i have had before, and i know you think the same way too. Its endless with us and im loving every moment every second i have with you.

You are my person, my comfort, my best friend, and im so happy how we started something from an innocent joke because if that would of never happened i really dont know where i would be right now or who i would be with, but im happy im here with you because i love you.


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