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5 Proven Steps to Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: How to Get Your Girlfriend to Come Back

Reflect on the reasons for the breakup and take responsibility for your actions

By Kalim ARPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

My name is Brad Browning, and I am known as the "relationship geek." How did I get this nickname? Well, for the past 10 years of my life, I've helped thousands of men around the globe get their ex-girlfriends back.

No matter how dire your situation is with your ex-girlfriend, there is a way to get her back!

The truth is, I've been doing this for so long that I've uncovered the secret of female psychology.

If you're reading this and you want your ex-girlfriend back, then absorb the information on this page very carefully, because, in it, I'll share with you some secrets that will give you insights into women that most men will never know.

1.) Don't get jealous. Jealousy reeks of insecurity, and this is just the number one killer of attraction. If you are the jealous type, then fight the urge to show this emotion around your ex-girlfriend.

2.) Give her space. Yes, this seems a little hard and counterintuitive, but leaving her alone is one of the best ways of actually getting her back into your life. Though, you have to do it in a very specific way. Simply not talking to her won't do it. You have to talk to her subconsciously and make it seem like you really and truly don't want to talk to her right now.

3.) Recover emotionally. If you're rattled that your ex-girlfriend dumped you, then trust me, there's nothing you can do or say right now that will make her love you again. The more you force the issue with her, the less likely she's going to want to get back together with you. Winning your ex-girlfriend back is going to have to start with you. That means you need to stop pining and get your life back on track. Start working out more. Start picking up some good hobbies that you like. Start hanging out with friends. Do whatever you need to do to "get over her," and you'll be well on your way to getting her back into your arms in your bed.

4.) Start dating other women. This is my secret weapon. By dating other women, you're killing two birds with one stone. First, dating other women is one of the best ways to get over your ex-girlfriend. And second, if your ex ever found out that you're dating other women, then she'll start beginning to get jealous and want you again. Once this happens, you'll be ready to pounce and take her back (without her even realizing that you're using these tactics on her!).

5.) Begin to seduce her (properly!). Once you've accomplished steps 1–4, only then can you start making her fall in love with you again by sending her the patented psychological techniques that I'll tell you about in a minute. By using some of my techniques, she'll be crying by your side, asking herself why she ever broke up with you. She'll be begging you to come back to her.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. I've seen this happen thousands of times. And it doesn't matter if you broke up with your girlfriend last week or last year. My techniques don't discriminate. They're that powerful.

In the free informational video below, I'll share with you some mind-bending secrets that will surely get your ex-girlfriend to start wanting to talk to you and hang out with you. And, if you follow my instructions properly, she'll be calling you incessantly wanting you to go out with her.

Click here to check out this video presentation. <== 

Be quick about it though because this video won't be up forever. I actually have a number of feminist groups that are hassling me about this video… they say that the tactics I use are so manipulative that it effectively compromises women's rights. No joke. So check it out while it's still up.

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