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Jogger's Trail the Story (Part 13)

A bonus chapter: The Epilogue and a few Accolades

By Donna Fox (HKB)Published 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 9 min read
Jogger's Trail the Story (Part 13)
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This is part 13, to start from beginning please click below:

Jogger's Trail the Legend

Several months later....

A soft breeze blows through the air, carrying with it the scent of springtime, new beginings and hope.

I found myself lying on a blanket, gazing up at the stars.

“Madra, says we need to go to bed soon.” Mendel comments, settling down alongside me. Gently intertwining his fingers in mine.

“Just five more minutes,” I sigh, turning to see the stars reflecting in his shadowed bottle-green eyes.

“Five more minutes.” He agrees with a soft smile and we return our gaze to the stars above.

“Hey you two, I thought Madra said-“

“Shhh.” I interrupt Alaric as he comes stomping out into the yard.

“What are you doing?” He asks, stopping only feet from where we lay.

I say nothing and point to the stars.

His gaze follows my point and he lets out an audible sigh of awe, before settling down on the grass near us.

Moments later, Madra appears at the backdoor and creeps out to meet us.

“What are you-"

“Shhhh,” Alaric interrupts and points to the sky like I had.

Madra sighs and then settles herself alongside Alaric, who wraps his arm around her shoulder.

For a long moment, we are all still and silent as we watch more stars come to fruition overhead.

“Do you think he’s up there?” Mendel mutters, giving my hand a nervous squeeze.

Turning to meet his uncertain gaze, I give him a soft smile and say, “I have no doubt.” 

The end

Accolades and Notes from the Author:

Firstly I’d love to thank you all for reading along and coming on this unbelievable journey with me! This is the first story/ book/ thing I’ve ever genuinely finished and am so grateful to all of you that supported me through this.

This wouldn't have come to light without you I might not have had the courage to finish this, so THANK YOU and know that I am ever so grateful to you all for your unwavering support!

That being said, I’d like to acknowledge the many of you who helped push me to be better, continue the story and gave me the sparks needed to set this on fire. (It’s a pun from one of my favourite books if you know you know.)

I will start with ThatWriterWoman.

I’d like to thank you for pushing me to make the initial story into a series. Without you it would have ended after part one, I had called the story good enough after that point. But you encouraged me to add a part 2 and then 3 until this turned into a full-blown series. So without you, there would have been no series and for that, I thank you very much!

You also gave me the idea for the sins to embody someone or something, which is how I came to the idea that Tesha had to fight the sins from within someone who represented the peril itself. Thank you very much for that spark, I hope you are as satisfied as I am with where it went!

As another thank you, I would like to invite all who read this to check out ThatWriterWoman’s work, please follow the link below!

The next person I would like to thank is Mr. Mark Gagnon.

Thank you so much for being my unofficial but greatly needed editor throughout the series! I applaud you for your honesty, dedication and willingness to lend a hand to those who need it! Without you, I dare say a lot of my series would have been unreadable with all the little errors I had missed! So thank you kindly for all your help!

I’d also like to thank you for the reminder that when writing, the KISS rule is best applied liberally! Although I may not have gone as simply as I could/ should have with the plot and details, I do think I went as simply as my brain would allow. So thank you for the reminder to keep things simple!

As a thank you to my unofficial (but really quite official) editor, I invite all who read this to check out Mark’s page and click on the link below!

Next on my hit list is one Mr. Dana Crandell.

Just like Mark, you have been instrumental in helping me edit my work. I am also ever so grateful to you for taking the time to teach me some of the more subtle nuances of writing! You have been a wonderful secondary editor and I’d love to thank you for your patience and guidance throughout the whole process, I really appreciate you!

As another thank you, I’d like to encourage anyone who reads this to also check out his page. Please follow the link below.

Another instrumental person I would to thank is Ema.

Thank you for being the person who suggested I turn my micro fiction into a story, that TWW intern encouraged me to create into a series! You were instrumental in getting this series going and I appreciate you so much!

I also want to thank you for lending me the idea that the Rellik need to overcome the perils, not just Tesha. I may not have expected it exactly as I originally interpreted that suggestion but I think the result is still quite palpable. So thank you very much for being willing to help me when I asked for looking for inspiration to continue this series around part 3! I appreciate you so much!!

As a thank you for your assistance, I would like to encourage all who read this to check out Ema’s page. Please click the link below!

Another genius I’d like to thank is Sir Alexander McEvoy.

I’d like to thank you Alex for so many of your wonderful suggestions!

The suggestion to make each peril a doorway, helped me create the Hall of Perils. Giving me an easy place to transition from peril to peril without too much of a lull or complex change of plot.

I’d also like to thank you for the idea that Relliks can assist Tesha in a ghost-like form. I don’t think I followed as closely as I originally intended but all the same am happy with the result that your idea gave me!

You also gave me the idea that the Rellik need to overcome the worst of their sins which I combined with Ema’s idea (see above) and was able to create a sort of lore for them or a set of guidelines for who would help with each peril.

So thank you very much Alex for all these ideas that you willingly allowed me to steal, I appreciate you so much! I don’t think Tesha would have made it past the fourth episode if it weren’t for so many of your great insights and ideas!!

As a thank you, I will heavily encourage anyone who reads this and likes these ideas to check out Alex’s page! Please follow the link below!

My next willing victim one Mr. Lammar Wiggins.

Lammar I would like to thank you for the suggestion that the entry to Perils is guarded by a riddle or clue of sorts. I dare say I would have done better to employ you to write the riddle for me as we all know poetry is not my strong suit. But all the same, I thank you for the idea, it was a great tool to help me transition between each peril and I thank you for it greatly!

As an extra thank you, I encourage all who lay eyes on this to go and check out Lamar’s page. Click the link below!

My next wonderful assistant is Mohammed Darasi.

Thank you for the idea to have Tesha in a different reality, that I combined with Alex’s and TWW’s ideas. Which helped build the complexity of Tesha’s role within each peril.

Another idea I must thank you for is the suggestion of the sin/ peril of Greed being represented in greed for power, with the idea that Tesha enters a realm where she encounters a mobster of sorts. I almost took it entirely as you suggested but added my own twists, which I hope you approve of so that I didn’t completely steal your idea.

I also want to thank you for the suggestion to show the sin/ peril of Envy is represented in the want for free will. Which I combined with TWW’s idea from above, making it part of Alaric’s backstory.

Thank you very much for your so many wonderful ideas that you allowed me to pilfer! Without these instrumental ideas, Tesha would have long since been lost to the perils and the story would have ended rather abruptly.

In thanks, I suggest that anyone who reads this and enjoys the suggestions from Mohammed, please check out his page below!

Next, I would like to thank Thavien Yliaster.

Thank you my friend for the idea that the perils could be represented through animals, although I didn’t quite use it directly or as suggested. I do think we can agree that I’ve used it in a way that enhanced the story on some level, so thank you for lending that idea to my cause!

I appreciate your sense of imagination and insights into lore!

As an extra thank you, I would encourage all to go and check out Thavien’s work, by following the link below.

My last thank you is YOU, my dear readers.

Without someone to read and enjoy my work, my story wouldn’t be worth anything without your support! So thank you endlessly for reading the series and I hope you are as pleased by the ending as I am!

I hope I acknowledged all those that needed it and if I am missing anyone, please feel free to point it out and I can amend the mistake. I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect and am great at missing details, even on the best of days. (Mark and Dana would agree, I assure you.)

Lastly I would like to make one request to those of you who have thoroughly enjoyed the series, if you could please review my book on amazon. It would be greatly appreciated!

As always, thank you for reading and for all the support! I appreciate you all!

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Donna Fox (HKB)

Thank you for your support and feedback! 💚💙💜

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  • The Invisible Writer6 months ago

    I thought there might be something going on between those two and of coarse he’s up there. I’m a little disappointed I’ve come to the end of these. I had developed a nice routine of reading one every couple days. But now I can finally get to some of your stories I’ve been missing while reading these

  • Lamar Wiggins7 months ago

    Wow! I'm so proud that you turned in into an Amazon book. Does it feel like letting your child out into the world cause this is your baby. You set it free as you should have. I'm happy to be a part of this journey as a reader. I can say I was one of the first people to read it on Vocal. Many Congrats! 🔥🥇🔥

  • ema7 months ago

    It was a pleasure to get here!😍 I wrote a review on Amazon, I hope it is accepted because is from Amazon Italia, while in says I don't meet requirements 😤

  • Rob Angeli7 months ago

    Great job all throughout the trail. Though all the different genres and emotions traversed, the way you've adapted the style and mood is just wonderful. A charming display of versatility, a lot of fun to read. Thanks for seeing it through to the end!

  • ThatWriterWoman7 months ago

    Donna, I am MORE than satisfied! This story is amazing! I am so so glad you went and put it on Amazon - it deserves to be there! I am a sucker for a 'found family', and this chapter had me crying! I am so happy they stargaze together! This is a brilliantly satisfying end to an adventure I will treasure forever! Thank you, Donna!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Novel Allen7 months ago

    This was wonderfully done Donna. It is great to see such collaboration within Vocal. A great big congrats on your achievement.

  • I was so confused as so who's up there. Then I read Thavien's comment and learned that it was Nakos! I don't know why I didn't realise that while reading the story! I can be dumber than usual at times, lol! And heyyyyy you've published your book! Congratulations! That's like sooooo awesome! 🥰🥰🥰 I clicked the link and signed it but I don't know how to leave a review. I mean there nothing there like submit a review or anything.

  • Alexander McEvoy7 months ago

    I’VE BEEN KNIGHTED BY THE QUEEN OF THE STORY!! This ending was so sweet 🥹 I loved them all being a family together! I do hope that they’re being lovingly watched over by their own guardian angel now. That is such a nice thought 😇 😳🙊 you made me blush again! Those little ideas of mine came from your amazing story itself and would be nothing without your incredible skill! I’m so happy I was able to help you bring your vision to life ❤️ it’s been an absolute pleasure to come along for the ride! Can’t wait to see what you do next 👀

  • J. S. Wade7 months ago

    Wonderful final touch! Classy as usual. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mohammed Darasi7 months ago

    That's a wonderful acknowledgement Donna, thank you. It was just a quick idea, but you're the one who made it a story and did it really well 😊. I'm glad so many people helped with this story; I think everyone here who writes fiction likes the idea of new wonderful worlds being created (even if not by them) so I'm sure everyone, myself included, was happy to help. I'll have a look at the link you shared and review the book 😊

  • Mark Gagnon7 months ago

    Donna, it's been a pleasure to work with you although my contributions were minimal. I greatly appreciate how you mentioned me and the rest of the collaborative you worked with. I guess it takes a village to assist a talented author with creating her masterpiece. I'm looking forward to reading your next work. Looking forward to reading your next

  • Thavien Yliaster7 months ago

    Damn Donna, You made them into a lovely family and then yanked on my heartstrings like that! OUUUUuucCchhhhhHhhhh! You got me right in my feels with that last couple of lines. Okay, I haven't felt this sad for a character since I read that dragons were all dying in "Fire and Blood." That shit hurt my heart. On a more positive note, I hope that Nakos got promoted to that position he wanted and is watching over them, fending off the perils of evil so as to guard them with his life. So, does this mean that they're all living at Tesha's place? I know that her mom passed away, but was Tesha's mom a single mother? Lowkey, it must be hella awkward with Tesha and Mendle making goo-goo eyes at each other with Madra and Alaric still around, watching over them like a hawks-, uh I mean, relliks.

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