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These Cult Concealers Are the Best of the Best

Once You Try These, There’s No Going Back!

By SotiraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It's safe to say my skin and I have been through it! Acne, hyperpigmentation, and sunburn are just some of the issues we've had to overcome together over the past decade.

People underestimate the emotional toll that acne can have on one's mental state. There were days I did not want to leave the house. The mirror was my worst enemy. I didn't want to look at myself let alone inflict that on others. Harsh, I know, but I get it.

Enter Concealer!

Spot concealing was a lifesaver for me. It looked natural and covered the redness. A dot under the eye lifts the face, covers dark circles, and brightens.

Here are my top, affordable concealers and why you need to try them today!

Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer

Formulated with Hyularonate and Rosewater, this concealer is seamless. It's first on my list due to the fact it doesn't crease under my eyes. With a satin finish, 25 shades, I guarantee after using this you will pick it up again and again!

You can buy it from Amazon here!

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

A cult and personal favorite of mine, this Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer is so easy to work with! It takes seconds to dot this under the eye and blend away.

With around 20 shades with different undertones, the one a lot of people opt for is the Neutralizer for its ability to cover redness, rosacea or bluish-gray, or purple under-eye circles.

I've added the link to the Maybelline concealer here.

Tarte Shape-Tape Concealer

Another cult favorite but a little more mid-range when it comes to the price. It's absolutely worth it, a great all-rounder for blemishes and under-eye if you're one to opt for the same shade.

Blends like a dream and the coverage are like no other. It's comparable to the Elf concealer but comes with a luxe feel.

Very excited to be able to buy all 30 shades in the UK on Amazon here.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat High Cover Concealer

What makes this a beautiful concealer is its ability to lift and highlight at the same time. Not only is it a spin on the classic, but it's full coverage which means it doubles as a spot concealer too.

The lighting effect is so natural and won't illuminate the blemish, but help the light to reflect away from it. Magic!

"Infused with an Anti-fatigue Complex powered by Caffeine and Vitamin E, plus soothing Moroccan Calendula extract from YSL's Beauté Ourika Garden."

It's a natural finish, great for hyperpigmentation too and an all rounder.

You can shop the YSL concealer here.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer & Corrector

The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal collection have been around for years yet we keep going back to them. With a HUGE shade range for all under-tones, ridicously affordable there's not much of a reason why you wouldn't love them.

The ones I'd like to focus on today are the colour correctors. If you're not familiar with the colour wheel and how you can cover purple under-eye cirlces or redness, this is game changing.

You can use these to neutralise and even out the skin before applying a dot of concealer on top.

Here's the colour wheel for reference;

My go to is the green as I do get a lot of redness either on my cheeks or directly on blemishes.

I've linked some of the colours here for purchase.

It's the best feeling to be able to leave the house with no make-up which was always the goal for me but you can't deny that sometimes make-up can make us feel ready to face people with confidence.


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