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The new age of beauty

by Jessica M 8 months ago in product review

From a ph colour changing lipstick to a personalised mascara.

The new age of beauty
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The new age of beauty is bespoke, smart and in high fashion.

Around four years ago, I began my venture into the beauty world. After dipping my toes into the sea, I struggled to swim through this new world of lip gloss and highlighter.

I was envious of those who knew what they were doing, the people who applied lipsticks with ease, the ones who could twirl curls into intricate upd-dos and those who knew the basics of complexion.

When I attempted to apply a stub of crimson lipstick onto my lips, either I drew the outline too large or one side turned slightly wobbly.

It wasn't until two years ago, that I began to get the hang of applying mascara without stabbing it into my eye, and of applying ruby red lipstick. It was also around this time, that I became interested in the new age of beauty and what it had to offer.

At first, I saved up enough money to buy a ‘bespoke’ mascara personalised to my eyelashes and specific needs, then as my experience grew I ended up with an array of personalised products.

But what is the new age of beauty? And why have I called it this?

I decided on the name ‘The new age of beauty’ to describe these products, as they are bespoke,personalised and in fashionable. In other words, they are literally the next generation of beauty, the futuristic expansion from our current situation.

The new age of beauty is bespoke, smart and in high fashion. Some examples include…

Mood balm — By Kndr

I was introduced to the Mood balm last month, when I opened a birch box subscription box and discovered this colour changing lipstick.

The Mood balm by Kndr, is a lipstick which changes colour depending on the ph levels of your lip.

It’s vegan, cruelty free and contains no Parabens and mineral oils.

Priced at a steady £13.12, it’s a bargain buy.(link)

Although on amazon there is a cheaper version by Barry M cosmetics at £4.99 (link)

Bespoke mascara by Eyeko

Like I said before, the first new age beauty product that I brought, was a mascara from Eyeko.

You take a quiz and the results show the mascara tailored and personalised for your eyelashes, needs and wants.

This is one of my favourite new age beauty products, however the price of the mascara is not high street, and it’s bespoke for a reason, Selling at £30.

Crystal deodorant

This deodorant is literally a massive crystal, I got my crystal deodorant in a beauty advent calendar last year. It’s a natural deodorant, which is cruelty free and has no Parabens.

The deodorant itself is made from potassium mineral salt, and that’s it. It helps prevent body odour naturally and doesn’t leave any marks.

You can buy this deodorant for a good price on amazon for £5.19. (link)

Sand and sky Australian pink clay face mask

So this one, I didn't necessarily buy. But I have brought an alternative at a cheaper price. Sand and sky is a world bestseller, it’s a cruelty free, natural and vegan face mask. And it has no gluten and no Parabens. (link)

The alternative that I got was the ‘sun + shine skin face mask’ at a bearable £16.99

The high end, future of beauty

I have not brought any of the two products below, as they are both not available.

3d MaskID by Neutrogena

The 3dMaskID, is a face mask which is the ‘first and only personalised micro 3d printed face mask’ by Neutrogena.

This face mask has a waiting list, which I can only presume is lengthy.

You snap a selfie with the Neutrogena app, and it scans your skin for issues such as dark spots, then the mask is printed for your face.(link)

Perso beauty by L’oreal

Perso is a future makeup creator that you can store in your house.

You scan your face on the ‘Perso’ app and then the perso creates personalised foundation, lipstick and skincare for your face.(link)

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-Jessica M

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Jessica M
Jessica M
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