A lot has been asking what did we apply to our face and body that looks so moisturizing. Today in this article you will find out.



A lot has been asking what did we apply to our face and body that looks so moisturizing. Today in this article you will find out. The simple answer we will tell you is that the secrete is Shea butter. We know you are doubting, wait as we take you through this article. After reading the article we hope you get all the answers you have in your mind. Shea butter has been in existence for years, yet a lot of people underestimate the nutritious element in it. Interestingly, the majority thinks Shea butter is for those that don’t have money to buy luxurious creams.

Hey! This is myths, that aren’t true at all. It has many nutrients that the skin and the hair need to maintain its beauty. When we discovered the mineral content in it, we stopped using any other creams just to give it a try but we can confidently say that we have never regretted using it.

Shea Butter to Nourish and repair dry skin

In this article, we have divided it into 4 sections just to make you the reader understand it perfectly.

  • What is Shea butter?
  • What is the mineral content in it?
  • What’s the socioeconomic benefit?
  • What’ the medicinal benefit?

Relax, have some cup of coffee or snack beside you as we take you through the sections systematically.


We hope by now you have googled online for the definition of Shea butter. By checking, we hope you have gotten so many answers. In order to add up to what you have seen, Shea butter simply means a skins superfood that comes from the seeds of a fruit of the Shea tree. it's fat extracted from the nut of a Shea tree. It’s off-white or ivory in colour.

Unrefined African Shea Butter

It’s solid at a warm temperature. It’s a native to West Africa. It has a creamy consistency that’s easy to spread on your skin.

It’s edible and is used in food preparation in some African countries. The name “Shea” comes from “si”, the tree’s name in Bambara. Shea butter is known by many local names.

In Ghana, Dagbani called it Kpakahili, Nkuto in Twi, Taama in Waala, Owi in the Yoruba language in Nigeria, Karate in the Wolof language in Senegal Kade or Kadanya in Hausa, Okwuma in the Igbo Language in Nigeria .


Shea butter melts at the body temperature. It has many nonsaponifiable components i.e the substances that can’t be fully converted into soap. The component includes:

Vitamin A, E & F , Fatty acids;oleic acid(40-60%) , Stearic acid (20-50%) , Linoleic acid (3-11%) , Palmitic acid (2-9%) , Linolenic acid (<1%) , Arachidic acid (<1%)

Mineral Composition

The component above is really needed by the body to moisturize it to maintain its softeners. High concentrations of vitamins and fatty acid make Shea butter very good cosmetic ingredient for softening the skin.


It creates employment: Since the demand for Shea butter is high, the extraction and production of it have employed millions of women to get a job. This has reduced the unemployment rate in the country.

It increases individual income: With the rise in demand for the product, many individuals have found an increase in income. This has empowered most women in both their household and community has given rise to shared decision-making in family and community structures.

It increases country GDP growth: The country gross Domestic Product (GDP) increase by exporting them, therefore, increasing the per capita income. According to Global Market Insight Global Shea Butter Market is set to cross USD2.9 billion by 2025. This implies that the Shea butter business is very lucrative that people can invest.

It serves as food: Shea butter is edible and is used in food preparation. It contains some health benefits from the monounsaturated fat that it provides. The monounsaturated fats help reduce cholesterol and help lower risk of heart disease and stroke.


Reasons you need to be using Shea Butter

It’s antioxidant: Shea butter has important Vitamins in it that promotes strong antioxidant activity. It contains vitamin A and E. This is an important mineral to prevent anti-ageing. Continues applying Shea butter in your face or body as a whole makes your body looks like a baby. No need to get a lot of chemicals to apply to your body to looks good. They prevent your skins from free radicals. This can lead to premature ageing and dull-looking skin.

It’s antifungal: the Shea tree is a powerful ingredient in fighting skin infections caused by fungi. Even though it’s not 100% to treat every kind of fungal infection we strongly believe that it kills spores of the fungi.

It prevents acne: Since Shea butter is rich in fatty acids it helps clear skin from excess oil. It helps stop acne before it starts because it restores the natural balance of oils in the skin. It restores moisture to your skins so that the skins don’t dry out.

It’s anti-inflammatory: Shea butter has been proven to have high anti-inflammatory properties. It helps minimize irritation caused by dry weather and inflammatory skin condition. Swelling and redness that normally happened in skin or face are controlled when applied the Shea butter products.

It generates healthy new cells: Shea butter helps promote cell generation. This is because the antioxidant and moisturizing properties together work to help produce a new cell. This indicates that Shea butter is very needful to the skin.

Healthy skin

It prevents hair breakage: Interestingly in the past, we used to have hair breakage anytime we comb our hair but after discovering Shea butter and applied for months our hair had been stronger. If you are experiencing hair breakage, I strongly recommend Shea butter to you.

Shea Butter prevents Hair Breakage


To enable Shea butter to remain solid and strong, we recommend that it should be stored in cool temperature around 50 degrees F .


If your skin is prone to skin allergy kindly consult your health care provider before using Shea butter. Consistently apply the Shea butter makes your skin adjust smoothly.


Thank you for reading. Without your effort, we cannot go forward. For any comment connect me via twitter @abfred_1 .


Frederick Abankwa (PhD)

Mary Opoku (Clinical Medicine (Dr.))

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