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The Best Inflation-Friendly Luxury Body Washes and Scrubs

by Stephanie Sklar 5 months ago in product review · updated 2 months ago
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Here are the ones you shouldn't pass up.

The Best Inflation-Friendly Luxury Body Washes and Scrubs
Photo by Nora Hutton on Unsplash

I love my shower time. It’s my time to unwind as I wash and exfoliate away the worries of the day. These luxury body washes and scrubs will make you feel relaxed and refreshed and ready for a good night’s sleep. And they’re all inflation-friendly too. How awesome is that?!

Mario Badescu A. H. A. Botanical Body Soap, 8 fl. oz/236 ML, $8.48 (including shipping) at Nordstrom

Finally, my search was over for a body wash that captured the scent of grapefruit properly, which is a fruity and refreshing smell — and it has a wonderful foam and price point. I consider this to be their main scent and would try this one first out of the two Mario Badescu body washes that I’m going to discuss.

Mario Badescu Citrus Body Cleanser, 8 fl. oz/236 ML, $10.59 (including shipping) at Bonanza

This one is last, but not least, in the Mario Badescu body washes I mention. One whiff of this citrusy sweet scent, and I was transported to my mom’s birthplace, Brazil. The year was 1982 and I was four years old. I could see my feet through the clear and bright ocean water and our loving relatives spoiled us rotten — my mom and I — and made us feel like royalty. I can almost hear Sergio Mendes’ “Mas Que Nada” in the distance...

Milk + Honey Body Polish Sample, No. 5 Lemon Vanilla, 1 fl. oz/30 g, $12.88 (including shipping) at Verishop

The owner of this line, Alissa Bayer, definitely accomplished what she set out to do in creating this, which is to make you feel like you’ve just emerged from one of those high-end day spas. This scrub is heavenly. It smells like pound cake and it leaves your skin feeling satiny, soft, and smooth. It actually leaves a magnificent sheen on your skin! It also lessens unattractive calluses on the hands and feet from working too hard.

Davines OI Body Wash Sample, 0.41 fl. oz/12 ML, $10.90 (including shipping) at North Authentic

One sniff of this and I was back in my aunt's shower in Long Beach, California as a teenager in the summer of 1993. It's a fabulous spicy, cardamom kind of unisex scent. It’s a wealthy scent that is indicative of a family that makes enough money to have the large size of this body wash that costs over $20 regularly in their shower.

Ouai Body Cleanser Sample, 1 fl. oz/30 g, $8.96 (including shipping) at Bonanza

This body wash, named after London’s vibrant and historic Dean Street, where Mozart and Charles Dickens used to hang out at, is an uplifting, citrusy, and floral scent.

Ouai Melrose Place Body Scrub Sample, 1 fl. oz/30 g, $7.65 (including shipping) at Mercari

Rose is my least favorite scent. It’s too overpowering. However, the price couldn’t be beat. So I bought it. I was confident that I’d hate it and would have to give it away to someone in my small family/friend circle who loved rose. I was sorely mistaken. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite fragrances and body scrubs and the heavier smell is welcoming in these cooler months. In its body scrub format, the scent is less overbearing than it usually is in perfume spray formats. It’s an upper crust yet soothing smell.

Bioderma Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel Sample, 3.4 fl. oz/100 ML, $6.54 (including shipping) at Revolve

No need to look further for the right body wash for sensitive, easily irritated skin. It’s a simple, clean unisex scent. If that’s what you prefer, then you’ll love this. Personally, I like my scents to pack a little more of a punch.

LÓccitane Terre de Lumiere Shower Gel Sample, 1.6 fl. oz/50 ML, $13.45 (including shipping) at LÓccitane: Oh, my word. I’m in love with this. This is a candied almond-smelling floral. The scent also reminds me of that tasty thick and rich Cream of Wheat my mom used to make me. The sweet smell is pleasant and present, but not overbearing. The shower gel is a gorgeous translucent color with shimmery gold flecks. LÓccitane aptly describes it as Golden Hour — that beautiful time in the sky right before sunset. This is definitely worth splurging on — even if it’s just once.

LÓccitane Fleurs de Cerisier Happy Cherry Shower Gel Sample, 2.5 fl. oz/75 ML, $9.45 (including shipping) at LÓccitane: Cherry Blossom has never been one of my favorite scents, partly due to the overpowering and cloying way that both The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works always make it. Therefore, this ended up being a pleasant surprise. The wonderful scent is reminiscent of when I was a kid in the spring. My family and I would check out the cherry blossoms on Sunday in Washington, DC. We’d then have dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. I’ll definitely be asking for it in its bigger size on my birthday/Christmas list.

LÓccitane Verbena Shower Gel Sample, 2.3 fl. oz/70 ML, $11.81 (including shipping) at Loja Glamourosa: Although I hate the color yellow, as well as the smell and taste of lemon, this ended up being a nice and unexpected treat. The citrusy scent was a bright and cheerful one and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated during and after my shower. The bottle is gorgeous with the engraved leaf and cute silver snap-off cap. It’s also perfect for both men and women.

You don’t need to be an heiress to enjoy expensive body washes and scrubs. I believe that luxury body washes and scrubs are essential in creating a spa-in-your-bathroom kind of experience and should be accessible to everyone — not only the privileged few. This is a great way of sampling some of these wonderful body washes and without breaking the bank so you can figure out which ones you can’t live without in your shower.

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