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#TeamNatural VS #TeamWeave

by Lonni Jones 4 months ago in hair · updated 4 months ago

My Two Cents

#TeamNatural VS #TeamWeave
Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

Ok ladies please, please, stop it already. No one cares that your hair is natural and no one cares if you are wearing a weave. You have to love yourself and love what you do to your body. Don’t let other people sit here and tell you that your doing something unnatural or trying to be “European White”, or let someone say you have to get a weave or a perm because your hair is too “nappy”, what’s the point of freedom of expression if you can’t express your selves through your crown and glory (that is a woman’s hair for the none-knowing). Now let’s point out the pros and cons of both:

#TeamNatural, most of the people who use the popular hashtag are girls who used to wear weaves, braids or had unruly hair and were forced to get perms. Yet now are coming out of their shell following a popular trend in the African-American community that has spread like wildfire in the last 5 years, from the kinky curls to the loose wavy curly haired sistahs, everyone and their mama wants to be #TeamNatural. I am all for promoting natural hair care and hair regime but to down someone else for the choices that they make in doing their hair. It’s unjust, someone could say they are the same about going natural. Your hair is too coarse, unkept, nappy and slave-like. You wouldn’t want anyone to say that about you, so why bash someone else. Furthermore, not all natural girls are natural, you still get perms, you just wear your natural hair no weave, that isn’t natural, it’s a chemical in your hair. There is uplifting and then there is gloating, unless you’re going to give advice on what things to do that will better the health of women’s hair, don’t encourage women to just buy top notch products unless their budget allows.

Now moving on, #TeamWeave, honestly, I have worn weaves in the past. I love it, it is a way to protect your hair in the winter months and you can change your hairstyle without actually messing with your hair. The big problem with the women who wear weaves, you don’t take care of your hair underneath the weaves! You get them too tight, it puts too much tension on your hair and ends up leaving bald spots in the places you need hair the most (crown, sides and back of head). When having a weave you have to make sure your hair is always clean, not dry and always, always give your hair time to breath. I cannot say that enough. Also, don’t post pictures of yourself saying ‘this is my hair, or long hair don’t care’. It’s not your hair, you can’t falsely advertise and then when another female or a mae calls you out on it, you get upset, be you, rock ya weave and sport it proudly. Wearing a weave doesn’t mean you need the most exclusive or the most expensive weave either, the best weave to have is one you can maintain, if you cannot maintain Virgin Brazilian Hair, don’t waste your money, packaged hair is just as good, if you put the effort into it. As much money as you spend a year on hair, you could at least make the effort to keep it nice, neat and don’t expect something fake to be perfect!

All in all, I have one thing to say! Hair is a woman's most controllable attribute in life, you can’t control your future, but you can control your hair and in the end it's all what you want, these are my opinions from the things I have experienced being natural and wearing weaves. Ladies love your hair, keep it healthy, whether it be natural, fake, braids or even permed. Healthy hair is the best hair!


Lonni Jones

Constant writer. Always an idea of something to say. Native New Yawkah! #ididntseenothing

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