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It's time to invest in yourself!


Caring for yourself is so d*mn expensive. I’m trying to be more caring and loving to myself this year. I didn’t really start doing this until a few years ago because, well, it’s just so expensive! I realized at one point that if I don’t even try to take care of myself, then I also don’t have the right to complain about how I look and feel about myself. I shouldn't be allowed to whine about how I don't like myself if I don't do anything to improve myself.

If you don't like it, do something about it. That's what this whole process is about for me.

So… regardless of how much I’m struggling with other financials, I’ve been trying to convince myself lately that caring for myself may be expensive, but it’s very important that I try. It’s important that you should feel good about yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. So why not I follow along and do the same?

Oh right, because of the COVID-19 that has left me jobless and fend for my bills and rent. Okay, well, I will definitely be slowing down on the product-spending but this doesn't mean I still can't work out and eat healthier during this time.

After testing out a few basic lotions already, I noticed that the more expensive the product is doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s the best. You need to think about what is good for your type of skin because every person's skin is different and can react differently. IE: We may both have dry skin, but it doesn’t mean what I recommend to you will be as helpful.

I’ve continued my routine of working out a few times week. Starting off with short intervals of workout to get myself to build some stamina and develop the habit. It’s a struggle but I make sure that my alarms and my partner holds me accountable to keep this up. Also, I may or may not have a wedding to attend in August, and of course... I would like to look decent.

My friend and I actually started this excel sheet with all the products we use: skin products, beauty products, etc. We list what the item is, the price, what we use it for, and how the product has been for us. The chart is slowly filling up and we're making sure to inform each other of any updates. It's a work in progress!

We got lotions, face masks, foundations, mascaras, etc. Sharing is caring. Let's all share the XP and improve our lifestyles (if you want) together.

Got to plug in a disclaimer though-- if you're comfortable where you are, then great. If you love who you are right now, even better. I'm only going through this process because I'm not where you are. I'm not comfortable in my own skin and I don't particularly like who I am at the moment. This is why I'm going through this process to help change my own mind.

It’s going to be a lot of trial and error, but I’m committed to finding a good skincare routine for myself. I’m committed to be at a spot where I’ll feel good about myself (and weight) and be comfortable in my own skin. I want to be able to wear that dress that’s been kept in my closet for the passed few years– you know, the dress that many of us have? The “I work out and one day fit in this dress” dress? I want to be more comfortable with my significant other taking photos of me when we go out. And I lowkey want a new wardrobe.

Here's to leveling up to the next best me!

Bernadette Hsu
Bernadette Hsu
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