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Makeup My Mind

by Rose Dove 7 months ago in makeup
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An inside look into the mind of a makeup artist, what really goes through my mind while doing your makeup!

Makeup My Mind
Photo by Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash

Before I begin I would like to mention that this is only a personal account and that I cannot and do not speak for other professional makeup artists.

Thank you.

I’m sanitizing my hands while listening to you describe the outfit you’ll wearing that evening, you’re describing to me in great detail; the colour and the style. Sometimes you’ll even show me a photo. While all this is going on I’m already analyzing your face; features, shapes, skin type and colouring. As I take everything into account I begin to visually create your makeup look, something that is personalized for you and you only while at the same time smiling and acknowledging how beautiful the dress is and asking where you purchased it from.

So far there’s a lot of {mental} multi-tasking!

On a few occasions I will have clients show me makeup photos or like the dress, describe in great detail the kind of desired look they are going for; usually its always the same – a ‘bronzy smokey eye’, which is totally fine but that ‘bronzy smokey eye’ will have to be tweaked in order for it to work.

It’s the same concept with makeup photos, I’ll ask you what in-particular do you like about this makeup and you’ll either tell me that you only like the tones and you’re not wanting anything as intense as the photo itself. OR you only like the glowy complexion but instead want to see a little more blush on the cheeks as opposed to bronzer. OR perhaps you just like the eye makeup and want something similar. It could be anything. And yes, sometimes clients will become quite adamant about wanting me to re-create that exact same photo down to the plump nude lip, which again is totally fine but like that ‘bronzy smokey eye’ I’m going to have to tweak it so you will look equally as beautiful as the model in the makeup photo.

No face is ever the same!

So now with the final makeup look confirmed I begin to select the product, carefully curating each item to tailor you, whether its cream based products to suite a dry complexion, powders for an oilier complexion or a selection of both for a combination skin type. If my client is a little older I would avoid using anything shimmery or powdery, and focus on products that are hydrating and plumping. Like all my clients, I aim to enhance the positive features.

Less is always more!

"My mind will become empty and descend into its meditative state once more where I will think of nothing" - Rose Dove

My mind begins to “shut down” after skin prep, chatting becomes minimal and only necessary if I have to ask you questions about colours or how you’re liking the look thus-far. The moment my makeup brush touches your skin is when my mind completely shuts down. For me, applying makeup is the most therapeutic feeling I’ve ever felt, for that hour there’s no anxiety, no worry, no fear, only happiness. I think of nothing and just let my hands do all the work, happily watching them as they blend and buff away any hard edges of eyeshadow.

Some people would call this meditating!

Of course my mind re-enters reality if you decide to engage a bit of small-talk or if you comment on how you love the makeup thus-far. It’s not too long after that that my mind shuts down again; it’s quicker this time seeing as how it was previously in that meditative state. Why am I at my most happiness when doing makeup? Maybe it was because it was something that I had a passion for? Or maybe it was because it was the first dream that I followed and succeeded with, not to mention being able to connect with it seeing as how I can’t and don’t connect to anything else.

Being able to connect with my work makes me happy!

These are the sort of questions that I ponder now as I write this piece, in the four years of being a professional makeup artist and working across beauty counters and salons, I’ve learnt a lot but still feel as though my journey is just beginning. Like any journey there have been hurdles, but I keep persevering.

I dream to explore other artistry pathways that lead to bigger and better things!

On that last diagonal spritz of setting spray is when my mind has eased back into the present moment. The makeover is complete, you love the end result, and now I have brushes to spot clean before my next client arrives. I have about 5 minutes until I get to feel true happiness again and forget that everything else exists. My mind will become empty and descend into its meditative state once more where I will think of nothing.

Come to think of it the only thing that I ever thought about while in the middle of a makeover was the idea for this piece!



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