How To Treat Acne

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Take It From Someone Who Is Still Fighting

How To Treat Acne
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Ah Acne, My Oldest Enemy. I had It for so long it was almost impossible for me to imagine myself without it. It was almost like I fused with it, so much so I was complacent with getting it treated. I would start all these new treatments but never follow through.

Acne is a chronic skin disease that occurs when the hair follicles beneath the skin get clogged. Oil and dying skin cells block pores, and clusters of lesions, also called blemishes or zits, may occur. Much of the time, outbreaks occur on the forehead, but can also occur on the head, back, and shoulders.

For most adults, acne seems to go away by the time they hit their thirties, but some individuals in their forties and fifties are already getting this skin problem.

And So It Begins

Acne can create a lot of skin problems. Not only can acne look visually unappealing, but it can also be painful, which is why treating acne-prone skin right is important. Acne can also impact your confidence and mental health. These solutions will help you tackle acne problems and help your skin look its best.

Wash Your Face Regularly

When it comes to acne-prone skin, it's very important to make sure you are cleansing it regularly. However, you don't want to dry out your skin and strip it of the natural oils. This is why you should look for gentle cleansers that won't damage your skin barrier. Wash your face in the morning and at night before applying other products to your face.

Try Out Skincare Products with Retinol

Retinol is a very popular ingredient in skincare products. But, besides acting great as an anti-aging ingredient, retinol can help you achieve acne-free skin. This powerful ingredient helps shed the dead skin cells, allowing healthy skin cells to shine. This ultimately helps to improve the texture of the skin, which is very important when it comes to acne-prone skin. Retinol will also help unclog the pores and smooth any acne-induced scars. However, there are instances when retinol can aggravate the skin, so you want to start with products that have a lower percentage of the ingredient, and then slowly build-up.

Try Spot-Treating

If you are having problems with a few pimples appearing here and there, you should consider using spot-treatments to help with the problem. Tea tree oil is great at speeding up the process of healing acne. Tea tree oil also helps make acne problems less severe. However, as it can be highly concentrated, you should always dilute it to avoid skin irritation. You can also apply pimple patches that come infused with numerous helpful ingredients that will help dry out the pimple and make it less visible and less severe.

Try Out Home Remedies

There are numerous natural remedies that can help you soothe your acne-prone skin. For example, honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help acne-prone skin immensely. You can try applying a honey face mask every few days. On the other hand, green tea is another very well-known ingredient that helps with acne. You also shouldn't forget to moisturize your skin. Even if you have oily skin, moisture is important as it will strengthen the skin barrier and help balance the oils your skin produces. If you want to use natural products, Aloe Vera is a great source of moisture that also soothes problematic skin.

The Take

Start with non-comedogenic products. Merely stated, non-comedogenic implies that the products contain components that will not clog or obstruct the openings on your skin. This is a perfect choice for those with acne sensitive, impurity or mixed skin. This is because ingredients that do not clog the pores can help decrease the risk of getting acne and pimples.

Most products use non-comedogenic as a means to market products but always read the reviews!

Regardless of your skin's health, a healthy skin care routine is vital for the main reason, it helps your skin remain in good shape. It is nessecary  because you lose skin cells during the day, so it's essential to keep your skin bright and in perfect shape. A successful regimen can help avoid acne, treat aging signs, and help keep the skin looking its greatest. So don't skip your skincare!

Sandra Thuesday
Sandra Thuesday
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