How to Hide and Improve Bad Skin Without Caking On Makeup and How to Remove Skin Tags With Organic Tea Tree Oil

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Improve Bad Skin Without Caking On Makeup and Remove Skin Tags With Organic Tea Tree Oil

How to Hide and Improve Bad Skin Without Caking On Makeup and How to Remove Skin Tags With Organic Tea Tree Oil

If you have very dry or acne-prone skin, then you might find yourself trying to cover it up any way you can. This often involves using thick amounts of concealer and foundation (mainly for women, though some men have been known to join in!).

The problem is that this can leave you looking unnatural and make the problem worse in the long term. Fortunately, there are some natural and healthy solutions that can both hide your blemishes AND improve them over time.

Tricks to Improve Your Skin

When it comes to head hair though, both genders can often benefit from shearing themselves a little shorter. This has several advantages when it comes to hiding spots or dry skin.

For starters, it lets more air get to your face and avoids exacerbating the problem by trapping oil against your face. Additionally, having shorter hair will reveal more of your face, as well as more neck and more flesh generally. This way, the relative number of blemishes compared to the amount of smooth skin will be swayed in your favor rather.

Also: get out there and get a tan! Not only are sunlight, fresh air and vitamin D highly important for your skin's health but getting a slight tan is also highly beneficial as it will darken the skin around any blemishes, thus creating less of a contrast so that imperfections won't show up as clearly.

There are also a number of products that are designed to give immediate or near immediate relief for some of the more unpleasant aspects of bad skin. Anything that combats inflammation for instance can be effective at combating breakouts of acne and at the same time will help to reduce redness. Meanwhile, exfoliating products can immediately make your skin look much healthier and fresher by removing the top layer of dead skin and dirt. If your skin is looking tired, grey or wrinkled, then using exfoliating products can do a lot of good by revealing the fresh and healthy layer of skin underneath.

Of course maintaining your general health is also important. Working out can have almost immediate benefits for your skin because it improves circulation, while getting more minerals and vitamins will give you that healthy 'glow'.

Owning Your Look

Finally though, if you really want to look your best regardless of sub-par skin, then you need to just own the look you've got.

Everything we've looked at in this article will help you to reduce the appearance of bad skin and should help to build confidence. What's most important of all though is that you make no apologies for the way your skin looks. Be bold and proud and don't hide – that's what people really find attractive.

There are a few ways you can remove skin tags. Often this will involve a trip to the GP, who will be able to surgically remove them for you. Alternatively, you can try doing it yourself by wrapping the skin tag in some dental floss or cotton and thereby starving it of blood and oxygen. You can even get a pair of sterile scissors and cut the skin tag off.

There’s just one problem with this strategy and you’re probably already aware of it – in fact, you’re probably already pulling a facial expression that’s saying ‘nu-uh!’.

The idea of cutting or ripping skin tags off is rather unpleasant. It can be painful, it can bleed a lot and it can end up leaving scars and other marks that are just as bad as the skin tags themselves!

That’s why it’s better to take a slightly less brutal approach to removing your skin tags. And one of the best ways to do that is to use a little tea tree oil. As ever, going the natural and organic approach is the best strategy!

Using Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags

Tea tree oil for skin tags works well because of its natural astringent properties. Tea tree oil is effective for treating acne and is also able to help you get rid of dead skin and grime. It’s natural and organic, and it’s extremely beneficial for a range of purposes.

Among its many properties, tea tree oil is:

  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antiviral

Of course skin tags aren’t caused by bacteria or fungal infections but they still seem to be treatable with tea tree oil. While there are no official studies, countless people report having success with the strategy within 17 days to one month.

So how do you use tea tree oil for skin tags?

The first step is to clean the area around the skin. This is always important and will prevent you from simply rubbing more dirt and bacteria into the area. Don’t rub profusely however as you can end up aggravating the skin tag and causing redness or even bleeding in the area. Dry the area carefully too.

Now take a cotton bud and add a couple of drops to the end. You can also use cotton pads or tissues.

Now simply apply the drops via the cotton bud directly to your skin tag. You don’t need to apply it to the surrounding area, though of course it doesn’t hurt! You can apply several times a day, or you can make a small band aid or plaster and use it to keep a cotton pad pressed against the skin.

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