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by Wendy Lugerah about a year ago in skincare

Get that skin you've always wanted

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Ever wondered how to get rid of those dark spots? How to get that glassy skin?

Worry no more.

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With just a week of doing this you'll be sure to have improved skin. Notice how I didn't say you'll get completely clear skin? Well..because everyone's skin reacts differently, and just because it worked on me, doesn't mean that it will completely be effective on you. Ok, let's get right into business.

Step 1: Hydrate

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Don't deprive your skin of that water. I know most people will say that it doesn't work, but do it with a positive mindset. You can't do something with a negative mindset and expect a positive outcome, can you?🤔🤔🤔 Well, the answer is no. Drink lots of water in a day (I know it comes with a lot of peeing but on the bright side, while caring for your skin you're also caring for your kidneys...double win if you ask me😉🤩🤩).

Step 2: Cleanse

Now you want to start the actual cleaning process. Fist and foremost, make sure your hands are clean before touching your face. Using an oil cleanser, or any facial cleanser, go in with circular motions while extending it down your neck. Do this for not less than 20 seconds. Once you feel that dirt or makeup is no longer on your skin, rinse your face with warm water.

By Christin Hume on Unsplash

Step 3: Exfoliate

Next, you'd like to go in with a gentle scrub. I mean the finest particles. One you can use almost every day if you'd like. Go in with circular motions while also extending towards your neck, not less than 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

By Amplitude Magazin on Unsplash

Step 4: Toning

Ensure you tone your skin, of course, to ensure you have an even skin tone. By now I know you've noticed that everything is done in a circular motion😊.

Step 5: Freezing

Now I know this sounds weird but trust me, it does help. If you have a jade roller you can do this after moisturizing. If you don't have one, don't worry I gatchu😎. Find an ice cube from your freezer and just rub it on your skin till you fill a slight sense of freezing. You can also place some ice cubes in a bowl and add some water and just dip your face in it.

By Victoria Wendish on Unsplash

Step 6: Moisturise

I'd love to believe that this is the last step. Choose your favorite moisturizer and work it on your know what I'm saying🤩🤩. Don't forget to finish off with a face mist and enjoy the fresh feeling on your skin. You can also opt to go in with an essential oil of your choice of course.

By Sonia Roselli on Unsplash

Peripheral tips:

You can steam your face before starting the cleaning process to open up your pores and use two q-tips to push your skin in order to unclog it.

Do these steps for a week and watch how your skin improves. I honestly hope I helped someone out there. Step out there confidently with your new and improved skin🤩🤩🤩.

Wishing you all the best in your skincare journey🥰.

By Casey Horner on Unsplash


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