Getting an Inkbox Tattoo

What is it really like to get an Inkbox tattoo?

Getting an Inkbox Tattoo

So I have tattoos. I love them all but admittedly, I like some more than others. If I had had the chance to try out my tattoo for a week or more before I got it I probably would have gotten a different design of tattoo. Insert Inkbox, a Company that lets you test drive tattoos. As someone that has three of them, I thought that I would try out the service, as there is a design that I am contemplating getting. And this is how it worked.

Buying the Tattoo

I personally ordered the Wabi-Sabi design of tattoo. It is one of a couple different versions of world maps that they have available on the website. The process to buy one is the same as buying anything online. I found it pretty painlessly and would have no problem doing it again. It got to my house so fast I didn't even realize it had shipped. I bought on Black Friday and so was told it might take longer to deliver because of it. In all, it was one of the easier purchases that I have made online, and think that the process is really easy.

Putting It On

To get the tattoo from the piece of plastic to my wrist was a process. They outline all the steps that you have to take on their website in a cute little video, as well as in a booklet you get, and in writing on the website. In other words, there are plenty of places to find the information. The whole process took well over 20 minutes to do and required a microwave and a second set of hands. As much as the process was not enjoyable I have to say it was faster and less painful than getting a real tattoo. All in all, I think it could be much worse. The one drawback is that it takes the , more then 24 hours to develop, so if you want one for the same night you are putting it on it won't work.

The Next Day

So the next morning after I put it on it already looked great, and over the course of the day, it only got darker. I am finding that it acts in all the ways that a real tattoo does. This is in terms of folding and moving with the skin, as well as in look. It is as if I got a tattoo a month ago and it healed rather then pressing this on last night. In terms of how much does it look as if I got a tattoo under closer inspection, it doesn't hold up as well. To make the first layer peel off to be able to apply it they have to make it like a stencil. This means that there are all kinds of little lines that hold the places that the countries are. This means that there are little lines in the outline of all the continents, not the look I was going for. It is also smudged a small bit to the right, despite my very best efforts to keep the towel steady in the application process. Do I think that this compares to a real tattoo in a close look, right now, no. But from far away it looks convincing, and another design might have less lines throughout it and so look better.

As a side note, I took a shower with it, as we will all have to do, and it looks the same as it did before. Although they warn against exfoliating the surface it's on, I am less concerned about normal activities after this.

A Week Later

It faded a lot in the week after I got it. I never exfoliated, or did something like thatcreate was just me living my everyday life. As far as temporary tattoos go though, I thought it did very well. It looked real for a couple of days, and then didn't start looking bad, just faded. Exceptjust that one spot that stayed really dark, not very happy with that.

All in all, I thought that it was a really good temporary tattoo. I can see if the tattoo is placed on another less used part of the body it might last longer. So if you are looking at getting a tattoo, or just wanna look cool, I would highly recommend Inkbox. Especially if you want to test drive a tattoo, they let you create your own designs so you can really get a good sense of what it will look like where you want it.

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