Friend's Betrayal Drama in the Beauty Industry

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2019 edition.

Friend's Betrayal Drama in the Beauty Industry

Disclaimer: I honestly do not care about YT beauty drama. I do not think that it is my right or responsibility to tell my fellow human beings who to support, or not with their time, no matter how I feel about said celebrity myself. Beauty products? Sure, I paid for it, and therefore have the right to have an opinion on a thing. Actual people though? I try to avoid it as much as possible. But there is a major aspect in this entire narrative, which is a major pet peeve. And unfortunately we cannot get to that without discussing the rest. So here it is.

Jeffree Star

My bad for including his face in my thumbnail. Because he is not that involved. It’s that people keep bringing his name. But so far he’s been very subtle about taking sides. Kudos to JS for sticking to the victim, and staying classily quiet.

Gabriel Zamora

Obviously he has not learned his lesson from last year. He did exactly what he did last time. Putting his voice out there, where it doesn’t belong. And both times he went against the wrong people. He’s either truly stupid (someone who constantly puts his feet into his mouth). Or his ever so favourite apology last year was a convincing Oscar worthy performance, and entirely insincere. It’s up to you to decide.


Okay, what James did to Tati regarding the pill thing was hands down, betrayal. It’s just like when a man (or a woman) goes out on you, and cheats with someone else. The only difference was that this a friendship, and not a romantic relationship. Having said that, I honestly do not think that Tati should have said a thing. It’s like airing your dirty laundry out. In my opinion that was a personal and private matter. She has every right to feel and express the pain to her family. But in this moment the fans should not have been involved. My two cents.

Understandably, this perhaps was a final nail in the coffin in an already dying relationship. But I do find it a bit a hypocritical, that the relationship ended when it came down to James Charles’ betrayal of her. And never prior to that. When she was witnessing him assaulting mens’ sexual orientation. How was that not a serious enough matter to cut ties loose, and it had to wait until the vitamins. One would only think, that perhaps people would have their priorities right. And I am sorry, but age is not an excuse for sociopathic behaviour.

And I say this as someone who is an avid fan of Tati, and genuinely wants her to do better, emotionally, and mentally.

But kudos to her for setting the record straight once Zamora called her out. It was a brave move, considering the level of influence Charles has against her. And the fact that JC apologized right after Tati’s video dropped, is very telling.

James Charles

I do not believe his apology whatsoever. It’s your prerogative if you choose to or not. I know people with better hearts than his, and that are half his age. So please, stop with the age stereotype. There’s only so many mistakes a teenager can make. And he has a laundry list full of them (BTW did he just throw his mom under the bus in that apology? It felt like it).

  • Accepting to support or promote his best friend/mentor’s competition, when he refused to do the same for Tati. The same Tati, who has always lifted him up.
  • Lying to Ellen Degeneres
  • Ebola Scandal
  • The girl who destroyed his palette
  • The girl who complained about his pink eyeshadow
  • Gage who called him out for trying to change straight men’s sexuality. Parents for decades have tried to change their sons’ homosexuality, and it has failed. If “god” can’t change one’s homosexuality. An orientation that is widely considered abnormal. How does this egomaniac think the reverse is remotely possible? (And I say this as a hard supporter of LGBTQ). The problem is that James Charles and people like him are bad for the LGBTQ community, and what they are trying to achieve.

I honestly don’t think he himself believes that, so much as he desperately wishes for it. Or maybe he’s in denial. But his money has afforded him the disgusting luxury to get straight men who will say yes. Adding fuel to his narrative of how every man is a little bisexual. It’s a vicious cycle to be honest. Men with money and power who think they can buy into, and out of anything.


When will influencers who are proved time and again to be bad influences lose on their platform? When?




Ashley Kyle

Rich Lux

James Charles

Gabriel Zamora

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