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Feeling the classic article of life, hope that these can give you some inspiration

by tugoude 2 months ago in diy
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No matter how heavy the burden, everyone can bear it till night comes

From the outside to see inside, from others to see yourself

It is through others that you know who you really are.

What you see in others is yourself.

Our opinion of others depends more on what they make us see of ourselves than on how we see them.

All your relationships are a mirror through which you can see who you really are.

You discover each other in the process, unconsciously you also equal to discover yourself. By learning how others feel and think, you will learn more about yourself, and you will become a mirror of each other.

If you feel your partner is losing enthusiasm for you, it could be because you're losing enthusiasm for him, too. As one marriage expert says, "If our marriage is getting boring, it could be because I'm boring, or worse, I'm boring."

In fact, the people you hate are helping you, helping you to know yourself, allowing you to see your dark side. That's why the closer we get to someone, the easier it is to dislike them, because they show you who you really are.

The things that annoy you the most about others are usually the things that annoy you the most about yourself.

What kind of person do you think others are

What you can't tolerate in others is what you can't tolerate in yourself.

A person with bad moral character will doubt the moral character of others; A person who is not loyal to others will doubt others' loyalty to him; A person who is not upright and serious will "think wrong" of any action of others, because he is that kind of person.

A man who thinks about other women is naturally suspicious of his own. People who always encounter annoying things are often annoying people; Like to find fault with people, in fact, they are the most wrong; Like to talk about people, in fact, they are the most no three no four.

If you lose your temper a lot, you will think that other people often make you angry, everything can become a reason for your anger. It's not that everything is wrong, but you will project, you will project what is hidden within yourself onto others.

You blame everyone and everything because you have so much anger that even the smallest thing can ignite it.

Also, what people say to you is a reflection of who they are and their inner world. They're probably criticizing you because they're unhappy with themselves, or even because they're "the person" they're criticizing.

As you move toward kindness within yourself, you will stop criticizing others and creating backlash against criticism.

If you throw a stone at a tree full of apples, only apples will fall, no matter who throws them. A truly good person, no matter how you treat him, he will only show peace and kindness, because he is that kind of person.

What you are on the inside is who you are attracted to. What do you reject externally, you reject internally

Generally speaking, the people we get along with are a reflection of the inner self we like and accept; And those we don't like are a reflection of our inner selves, which we dislike and don't accept.

To teach both parties to live in harmony is better than to teach them to live in harmony within themselves. Teach them how to grow each other rather than teach them how to grow themselves, and the relationship will grow.

When people ask me how I can improve a relationship, I always tell them, "First you have to look inside. Unless you fix what's inside of you first, not only will you not improve, but you will create more problems."

A controlling person cannot let go of others or free himself unless the inner void is filled. A man who is full of resentment cannot cease to hate unless his inner resentments are relieved; A jealous person cannot stop being jealous unless he or she finds inner confidence and stops comparing himself or herself to others.

Every man's outward words and deeds are the manifestation of his inner thoughts. If you can't trust yourself, it's hard to trust others. If you can't respect yourself, it's hard to respect others. If you are not sure of yourself, it is difficult to be sure of others; If you can't light yourself, you can't light others.

When couples lose love and hurt each other, I will not tell them how to try to love each other, but ask them to learn to love themselves first, because hurting each other is actually hurting themselves.

Your relationship with everyone reflects your relationship with yourself. If you are constantly in conflict with your inner self, you will also be in conflict with others. If you struggle with your own emotions internally, you will struggle with others emotionally as well. The problems we encounter in relationships are the problems within us. The relationships we attract reflect the qualities we possess and reveal our inner selves. So examine not only your relationships with others, but also your relationships with yourself. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

"When I observe what you reflect about me, I feel __." (Feelings of anger, fear, loss of control, confusion, etc.)

"What part of me do you reflect?" What troubles us "on the outside" is what we can't integrate "on the inside". If you want to improve everything on the outside, you have to start by changing on the inside.

If you discipline others, you will be disciplined yourself. The more you hate, the more bound, the more you love, the more free

When you control others, you are also controlled; If you tie someone up, they'll tie you up. Think about it. When you control people and tell them not to do this or that, what if they don't do what you tell them to do?

What happens to you? You'd be upset, wouldn't you? Your happiness and sorrow are determined by others. Do you think they are controlled by you? No, actually, you're the one being controlled. An eye for an eye, the result is that everyone is blind.

If you keep regurgitating an old pain in your memory, you are giving the person or thing that caused the pain the power to hurt you again and again. That's why I say, when you hate someone else, it means that in a way, you also hate yourself.

How to destroy the enemy completely? Turn your enemies into your friends! You will find that those who are hardest to forgive are the ones you need to forgive the most. The hardest people to let go of are the ones you need to let go of the most.

If you're averse to it, it's a subject you have to study

If you appreciate it, it can be transformed into love. Our primary relationships are a constant reflection of what we should be studying.

Whether it's your boss, co-workers, subordinates, friends, classmates, or your parents, spouse, children, brother, sister, or lover, these people have personalities, ideas, and behaviors that you don't like, which are often the part that you need to learn. They will reveal your shadow, and they will repeat the words and actions you hate to make you learn.

When someone points out your mistakes, you get angry with that person, but is it his fault? No, he's just helping you get your moldy shade out in the sun.

You don't get angry when someone says you want to steal a whale shark from the ocean hall, because that's something you wouldn't even think about doing. However, if your wife says you are taking a business trip to cheat on her, you may argue or even get angry.

Why is that? Because it can happen, or has even happened. Yes, in general, the closer the allegation is to the truth, the more likely you are to get defensive and angry.

So when someone accuses you in the future, instead of immediately attacking or fighting back, start asking yourself questions, because what they're saying is probably true. If it's not true, why are you so "serious", right?

People often say heaven sent good marriage, what is good marriage? The people closest to you are the ones who have the deepest "affinity" with you. They are arranged around you for a "reason".

Therefore, don't reject them or try to avoid them just because you don't like them, because they are "blessed" and you should take advantage of this opportunity to transform yourself.

What is love? Love is appreciating what you don't like and what you don't like. If there are too many people and things around you that you hate or don't love, it is because you keep rejecting them that they keep coming back. You must learn the art of living -- transforming them into love.

It's nothing to love someone who likes you.

To love someone who loves you, you don't get any points.

By loving someone you don't like, you are bound to learn something in life.

You learn the art of life by loving someone who blames you for no reason.


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