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Falling in love with money

by xinyue wu 4 months ago in face
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Looking forward to the first date.

Looking forward to the first date.

The stingy man has been chasing Xiang Guoguo for months. They met at a fast-food joint in the subway mall. When he carried his snack box to sit in front of item Fruit fruit, she felt really familiar, but how also can't remember who he is, he seems to see her trouble, after sitting down, take the initiative to introduce himself.

He said my name is Ma Xiaojun, often see you.

A fruit fruit remember, that day Ma Xiaojun is still very generous, see her only drink porridge, and went to the front desk for her to call the beef rice set, and a few strings of Kwandong cooking. Xiang Guoguo waved his hand and said, I can't eat it.

Ma Xiaojun was serious, no! You're too thin!

Item fruit fruit wants to ask him, I thin not thin have what relation with you, but see Ma Xiaojun concern her expression, some overbearing, can not resist, she feels surprised and warm. Ma xiaojun looked at his watch and said, "I have to go back for a meeting. I'll see you here tomorrow?

Fruit fruit sweet heart, say ah.

Stingy men are so annoying

Results the next day let xiang Guoguo disappointed.

Go to the seat, see the table on the two set meals, two cups of Pepsi, the fruit of the heart like who was pulled once, no pain, but not the taste.

Isn't this their first date? She was already acting like an old married couple, which shattered all her illusions.

The meal was very unpleasant, but she did not show it. She also wanted to give Ma Xiaojun a chance. After all, the rest time at noon was short, so it was not suitable for dating. A meal time, she already know, he is a monthly salary of 6000 small white-collar son, in the more partial place rented a two-bedroom, said to the rent he gnashed teeth, bah, the location is so bad, but also 2000! What a world.

That is the first time in front of Ma Xiaojun guoguo thought of the "stingy" two words, but soon she comforted herself, this is ma Xiaojun lovely place, not camouflage, not artificial. But in the next few moments, this lovely virtue turns into immorality.

At noon to eat fast food item blended together no problem to replace the table, in the evening, Ma Xiaojun about blended out, he was not to take her to slip like the elderly park, is sitting on a bench in the park, chat as middle school students, is the most curmudgeonly, one night they stayed to 11, said blended by bus is too slow, let's take a taxi.

He said the taxi would cost tens, and tomorrow's lunch money is out.

Guoguo some impatient, then came a bus, Ma Xiaojun took her on the bus, she struggled two times, Ma Xiaojun hand is fast, has put the change into the coin box, guoguo can only think fiercely, four dollars can not waste ah.

Along the way, Ma Xiaojun always want to take a guoguo hand, but did not succeed, he probably did not know, a Guoguo at the moment has bored him.

Half an hour later, the bus arrived at the station, Ma Xiaojun has not had time to say goodbye, a fruit will be angry coax underground car. On the bus, Ma Xiaojun is the only passenger, these days he always like this, after sending guoguo home, he sat to the terminal, and then walked a few hundred meters to another bus stop by bus.

I've become stingy

A fruit fruit and a vexed Ma Xiaojun reason, that is, he has become stingy to her.

She realized she hadn't taken a taxi for half a month. In the past, when she was late working overtime, Guoguo was a TAXI with a wave of her hand. But recently, whenever she waved her hand, she thought of nearly 50 yuan of TAXI money and dragged herself onto the bus with heavy steps. She did not want to admit that she had missed Ma Xiaojun. Although he was unbelievably stingy, she remembered that once when taking a bus to send her home, he said, "Take a taxi home, you lean on the dirty seat when you are tired, and I am beside you, you can lean on my shoulder."

Item Guoguo only felt that he had no money for her rhetoric, but now, she was alone in the city moving, tired, can only rely on the window of the bus, cold and bumpy, think of Ma Xiaojun, think he often took her to eat yuntun noodles, and his shoulder, can warm her things.

The lover who fell for the money

In fact, it did not take long, a fruit with Ma Xiaojun began dating again.

Or at lunch time, also can only at this time, a guoguo just have a chance to meet Ma Xiaojun, she looked up to the neck is looking for a seat of Ma Xiaojun waved, shouted, small, small, there is a place here.

Ma Xiaojun thought for a moment, then bit his lip and came over. This action let item Guoguo not too comfortable, perhaps her injury to him, not only is lovelorn so simple, more about a man's self-esteem.

Ma Xiaojun sat down and began to eat, a fruit fruit want to say what is always not in the words, finally, she held constantly to his mouth to pull rice Ma Xiaojun's arm said, I know you have lingering fears for me, but not even words don't want to talk to me.

"I just want to say one thing to you, but I'm afraid you don't want to hear it.

Xiang Guoguo said, what?

Ma Xiaojun said, I miss you.

After that, Ma Xiaojun began to talk. He said, "I know I'm stingy, and everyone says I'm stingy, but I only have one goal: I save money to get married. I want you to be my daughter-in-law, and then we can save money to have and raise children together. I am not incapable of taking you to have seafood dinner and taxi home. I just think you are a good girl, and I want to let you know from the very beginning that the life I give you is flat and light. If we earn a few dollars, we should spend them wisely. Are you right?

Item fruit fruit listens one leng one leng, pick out what wrong. Later she finally gave Ma Xiaojun a definition, that is, he ma Xiaojun is a fall into the money in the love saint!

Just then, Ma xiaojun's colleague sat beside them and directly gave Ma xiaojun a card. He said, "Fifteen thousand, all returned."

Ma Xiaojun stuffed into his pocket, put an OK gesture.

Colleagues left, guoguo surprised, such an iron cock, actually lend others fifteen thousand dollars!

Ma Xiaojun said this has what, at that time the old woman of this colleague gave birth to a serious illness, he borrowed a few peacetime relations good person all didn't lend out, to me this, I how bashfully hit him again.

A fruit looked at Ma Xiaojun satisfied with eating tomato cover rice, suddenly very like.

Later, they changed the date to Ma xiaojun's home. Ma Xiaojun to a guoguo cooking to eat, but the craft is not how, a meal actually took three hours, hungry guoguo even stood up without strength. So Ma Xiaojun put the rice to the front of the fruit to feed her to eat, a mouthful of rice, a dish, a soup, eating eating fruit tears down. Ma Xiaojun was surprised. He said, "Why are you crying?

Item Guoguo don't want to tell Ma Xiaojun, in her experience of men, he is the poorest, the most stingy, but he is also the most intimate, she suddenly hugged Ma Xiaojun said, I want to marry you.

Ma xiaojun backed away, feigning panic. I wasn't ready.

Item fruit fruit asked him what to prepare?

Ma Xiaojun stretched out his hand, one by one, first of all, to buy you a little bit of diamond ring, and then, imitation Wang Weiwei wedding dress or can, finally, we have to set a little bit of the hotel ah.

A fruit fruit does not understand, how to calculate almost?

Ma Xiaojun rolled his eyes and said, how to wear a table dozens of dollars.

A fruit immediately jumped up, throw the sofa cushions to Ma Xiaojun, say you this big stingy door! Cheap skate! Hum!

Ma Xiaojun from the sofa cushion in the breakthrough, gently put a fruit fruit in the arms, say the most moving words of love, I am willing to mean for you all one's life.


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