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Decode and Conquer, 4th Edition

Decode and Conquer, 4th Edition

By Fathima insiraPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Decode and Conquer, 4th Edition
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Lewis C. Lin —
the world's #1 expert on product management (PM) interviews — has updated Decode and Conquer in an all-new fourth edition. Decode and Conquer is your starting point on
how to conquer the most difficult PM interview questions . Here's what to expect:
Frameworks for design and metrics questions including the famous CIRCLES Method , AARM Method , and DIGS Method
Biggest mistakes PM candidates make at the interview and
how to avoid them
Insider tips on just what interviewers are looking for and
how to answer so they can't say NO to hiring you
Sample answers for
important PM interview questions
Expanded Section on Strategy
The 4th edition has an expanded section on strategy questions. Empower yourself with the latest thinking, frameworks, and tips to cover this important area, especially for senior candidates.
Questions and answers covered in the book Design a new iPad app for Google Spreadsheet. Brainstorm as many algorithms as possible for recommending Twitter followers. You're the CEO of the Yellow Cab taxi service. How do you respond to Uber? You're part of the Google Search web spam team. How would you detect duplicate websites?
Endorsed by Google recruiters. Praised by Business Insider.
Decode and Conquer , especially CIRCLES , has been endorsed by recruiters and top publications such as Business Insider .
Top product management executives, including those from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, recommend Decode and Conquer to PM job seekers .
Here's what readers say

You've helped many people in more ways than you know. I wish to do that someday in my own way.
Just wanted to share my gratitude for your work!
Bought Decode & Conquer and enjoying every page. :)
I am a Zimbabwean who has been living in China for the last 8 years. No direct PM experience but your 2-week PM guide
has been incredibly useful . I have also been reading
Decode and Conquer which has gotten me up to speed really fast.
Brilliant book!
I have just about finished your book Decode and Conquer and have found it to be enlightening.
I feel that I already have drastically reduced the amount of PM interviews that I would have failed with a deer in the headlights look on my face.
Lewis Lin is the best.
Just heard back from Uber, it’s a yes! I had interviewed there twice before over the years, but it wasn’t until I encountered Lewis, his materials, and this community that I was finally able to crack it .

Your books helped me when I first got the PM job at Amazon . They again helped me refresh, alongside my gained experience, when I moved to Google. That, as you know, is through an interview process that’s notoriously one of the hardest in the industry.
The shared wisdom in the pages of the book (even when I sometimes disagreed with the methods and answers)
was extremely helpful . Verified Purchase
I was pretty anxious preparing for my PM interview with Amazon, so months prior, I asked around to see what books to read, and Decode and Conquer was one of the most highly recommended books.

It lived up to my expectations and beyond. Loved it. There’s no fluff; it was to the point, fruitful, and easy to follow. I loved how examples were often explained using a dialogue between an interviewer and a candidate. Helps you envision what the real interview will be like and prepares you well.

Everything about this book is memorable and lovable. Not long after reading it, I went into my interviews at Amazon and landed my first PM role.

This book is a must-read for anyone preparing for their upcoming PM interviews. If you’re considering getting this book at all, I highly advise that you get it. Decode and Conquer, 4th Edition


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